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    Questions: Anti-Tank & Swarm Army Lists?

    Some of you may have seen my earlier post about a full stealth ninja like Kroot army using the deamon codex. I’m currently writing the list and would like to ask the following.

    1. Keeping to my theme I’ve decided to not field anything with ‘Iron Hide’ or any of the special characters such as the Bloodthrister, so far I’m considering only fielding deamon princes as large Kroot like beasts. And while this does make the army better for the theme it makes me wonder…

    “Can A Deamon army be effective without the larger deamons backing it up?”

    2. I’m taking some Screamers but so far I haven’t seen any other real forms of Anti-tank with the exception of winged deamon princes and Soulgrinders and I can’t take those…

    “What forms of Anti-Tank other than the screamers do the deamons process?”

    Those are my questions for the moment hope you can answer them, I may have more in the near future.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Proiteus View Post

    “Can Deamon Swarm Armies Work Effectively?”

    Well, the achetype of the chaos daemon army is a horde army like nids, orks or guards, it's more like a specialists army since the cheapest unit are +13 pts. However, you could create the illusion of swarming your opponent if you field something like a lot of PBs and nurglings but whether or not you will be effective or not will depend more if the dice are with you.
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    Tank Hunting with daemons is difficult but its definitly a possiblity

    Soul Grinder - Very good, S10 from DCCW and having fleet makes him good at chargin big tanks to get the kill. Also has Tongue (S10 ap1) but at BS3 its not worth it

    Bolt of Tzeentch - Our only real anti tank weapon. S8 ap1 meanis it can get at least the glance on any vehicle and could destroy it still. Best used on Tzeentch HQs and sometimes Horror units. Don't bother with it on Flamers

    DPs - Good choice being a Monstrous Creature. Wings a nice for good movement to get the charge sooner. MoK gives it better S and MoT lets it take Bolt of Tzeentch

    Greater Daemons - Monstrous Creature again. Khorne and Tzeentch are bwetter at this since they both are winged. Bloodthirsters have a solid strenght plus furious charge. Lords of Change also get Bolt of Tzeentch

    Horrors - Can take Bolt plus massed Warpfire against most back armor will get a few glances.

    Heralds of Tzzentch - On a Chariot with Bolt of tzeentch, Master of Sorcery and We are Legion makes them great artillery units and quite durable from the chariot too for a nice price

    Slaanesh - All of them have rending, fleet and tons of attacks. Demonettes and Seekers can get up to 12 AP and Fiends can get up to 14 with AP

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    Yes, it can work. The Daemonzilla is popular because people like the idea of fielding 5 big stompy monsters.

    A medium sized daemon army can be very effective.

    Against tanks, you have Fiends, Bolt of Tzeentch, Screamers, and Princes.

    You can field Tzeentch Heralds with bolt (with or without chariots) to hunt tanks from range, and use the ever-awesome Fiends to chase down tanks and infantry alike, with Screamers as insurance against even the biggest tanks.
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