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    Some ideas for a alien chaos army.

    They are an army of clones genetically engineered with the traits desirable for their purpose with DNA extracted out of other fallen alien races. They are ruled by a race of balloon shaped giants who keep themselves afloat either through a large mixture of gases in their heads or through telekinetic abilities they have. They are a very powerful and intelligent race.
    They are powerful because of their psychic abilities they are born
    with giving them the ability to manipulate whole 5 acre landscapes with telekinesis or
    communicate with other races via telepathy. These abilities allow them to develop sophisticated technology which they used to travel across their universe.

    In their history one of their greatest physicists/philsophers/biologists discovered that their unique ability to manipulate energy comes from the Warp.
    This scientist upon discovery of this strange non-material dimension became twisted by the feral entities and in turn experienced a great change in personality. When it once worked to unlock the many secrets of the materium, discover what makes life and how it can be created and work to find spiritual life devoid of material things; it now works to find out how to use the energies of the Materium and Immaterium to use them both for destruction and death of life all for the pleasing of the chaos gods and find wealth of the warp (become a powerful presence within the warp).

    This lead to a new religion within their culture, Uram as it would later be known who once
    came up with the concept 'Barangu tsen' which translates to 'Cosmic body'. A concept Uram came up with which means that all reality is a complex being constantly in a meditative state, the teachings of this religion were that there is no such thing as personal property and that everything should be shared and to avoid materialism as this strays you away from spiritual connection with this cosmic being.
    This religion was dominant in this alien culture and made this race devoid of xenophobia.
    However Urams corruption from the warp drove him to excuse this belief as 'Past ignorance of the Truth and that Chaos is the real truth' and also to attempt turn the rest of this race to chaos and lead to him also turning against his own culture.

    Uram managed to turn a small minority of his race to follow his cause, lead them to flee into the warp and teach them the powerful sorcery of chaos. It wasn't until 50 of their years (3000 in our universe) that Uram and his new army of daemons and sorcerers returned back to their universe from the Warp and wage a great civil war against his own race. Despite their lack of sorcerers Uram's understanding of the materium and the immaterium allowed him to figure out how to gain more and even greater abilities than the creatures of his race such as being able to initiate mass explosions, condense surrounding energy within a ball and destroy large sections of worlds and create deadly warp energy (lightning, doombolts etc.) and release upon them and create fires from many lightyears away and use them to burn these Psychic Creatures to a crisp and destroy most of their clone armies.

    Uram and his chaos forces won the war and created a new Civilisation, they would then use
    the daemons summoned from the Warp and take over remaining pockets of their universe cloning operations and incorperate a new message to them, chaos is a cause to fight for.
    Although the downside of this war was that most of Urams race had been exterminated and he and a few hundred of his followers were the only members of his race left. The scientist who first discovered the Warp now named his followers the Vhiurxens which translates to 'Governors', this is because he incorporated the message to them that all they see belongs to them also leading them to now name the Scientist Khurinxclu Uram which translates to 'Universal Chaos Governor' as he now had almost godly powers stronger than that of Greater Daemons.

    The exterminated members of this race would be known to them as the 'Ignorants'.

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