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    How to: Combi-Plasma

    I've come up with another simple way to make a combi-plasma. The way I've made this though, fits perfectly with any model in our army list that can use one, and not just terminators. Unfortunately, I'm out of green stuff, so I've just blu-tacked it together so that I can return and re-do it when I have some. Ofcourse, If you make some they will look far better than the one I've pictured. Sorry in advance if some of the pictures are a bit blury.

    Tools & Bitz:
    Green Stuff
    Craft Knife
    Drill & 1mm drill bit (Optional, not realy necessary)
    Suitable adhisive
    1x CSM Bolter (From the troops box set)
    1x Firing arm (The right one in most cases)
    1x Plasma Pistol (Ive used the one from the vanilla marines set)

    Cut the bolter grip and muzzle off of the gun, Alongside all the stuff ontop. It is VITAL that you keep the muzzle!
    At this stage it would also be a good idea to make sure there is no weapon attached to the firing arm, so you have somewhere to glue your combi-plasma.

    Stage 1
    Cut the handle away from the plasma pistol (see first pic in post for ref). File it untill it is all nice and smooth and bung it ontop of your bolter. Fill cracks with green stuff.

    Stage 2
    This is a bit fidly, and some tweezers may help. Take the muzzle of the bolter and glue it just below the plasma pistol. I recomend you dont drill it untill it is on and the glue had dried properly.

    Stage 3
    You're pretty much done now. Its just a case of gluing it to your chosen arm / model. Self-explanatory realy:

    I put this together in about 5 minutes. It should take a bit longer with glue, and I didnt take much care with this, as this is just a quick dry-fit. It does work though, and when I buy some terminators (hopefully next week) I'll build it properly and replace the pics. If you build some using this methon plz share some piccies!

    - Black Hawk

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    Nice! I use Plasma Pistols too.

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    Looking good, nice tut.

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