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Thread: Planetstrike

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    Hey everyone, I know that LO is doing a great new campaign, but a new expansion has been released, and I wanted to start a thread to tak about it.

    As CHaos SPace Marines, we have a fair few deep striking units as attackers, and like our erstwhile Loyalist Brethren, access to some very heavy units.

    I think as attackers there are a few things that would be really effective, but as I haven't played many games yet, two thats it, one as an attacker, and one as a defender, so feel free to come and have a go at it, haha.

    First Lash Princes. Hooray for Lash! I think it would be pretty useful for getting those nasty defenders out into the open, whether to be charged, shot at, or to be destroyed via the use of a strategem. Daemon Princes are combat monsters, literally, as we all know, and I think will be very good for Planetstrike, especially with Wings.

    Terminators. Brilliant, these boys are some of my favourite units in ordinary 40k and Apocalypose, but I think that they will take on a whole new dimension in this expansion. These guys can deep strike down on the first turn, and charge straight into combat with whatever poor unfortunate happens to be your opponent. At the moment I am liking the Icon of Slaanesh, so the Termi's can make a fair sized dent in other Initiative 4 opponents, before being hit back. If yor fighting GUard or Orks, and know that earlier, maybe run Khorne Icons, for sheer amount of attacks.

    I think Obliterators will be fairly worthwhile in Planetstrike, not many but a few deep striking fire bases should be able to waste a Bastion or two. Maybe a squad of three, for staying power, and the inevitability of rolling ones when you are trying to do a "sure thing."

    I am tempted by Raptors with Khorne or Slaanesh Icons. THese boys can deep strike and go straight into combat. This is not to be sniffed at, as this can get them out of the LOS of the inevitable gunline awaiting you.

    Planetfall is about holding objectives (what 40k games aren't these days) but you can do this with any unit, not just troops. Hooray! It can be worth taking a CSM squad for numbers, Heavy Weapons, etc, but genrally not unless your looking to burn points. Points that would probably be better spent on Raptors.

    Us fortunate CSM players have plenty of nasty CC troops to slaughter defenders with, Berzerkers, Possessed-which can be worthwhile in Planetstrike-, the list goes on.

    The last attacking units I would like to mention is the Dreadnought. Dreadnoughts with CC weapons are great for taking out those important Bastions, which are your duty to destroy. Taking Multi-meltas are good to, for bringing those AV 14 Bastions down.

    Defending CHaos Space MArines, whether you were stealing some important CHaotic artifact, or gots sprung looting a city, have no fear! The Renegade and Traitor Astares have plent of units to deal with these situations. Defenders have to take two troops, and I think fire support is a good thing to have. Depending on your opponents, THousand Sons, Noise MArines and ordinary CSM can all be worth while. Plague MArines are more resilient, and stay around for awhile, much like ordinary 40k. I personally prefer Noise MArines, as it is hilarious to pin elite enemies down, and fire lots and lots and lots of heavy metal at them. Hilarious, but ahem, moving on. THousand Sons are brilliant with their increased Armour Piercing bolters, and can scythe through unsuspecting opponents, (happy memories, arrogant Vanguard had ripped through a CSM squad, wiped out by Thousand SOns, well I thought it was hilarious.) Havocs are good, and can be tailored towards specific opponents.

    Heavy Support, pride of the Iron Warriors. I personally reckon Vindicators and Defilers are brilliant for Planetstrike, throwing pie plates around, and wasting those poor SMurfs. TO be honest, I feel the Hv/S section is personal preference, and should be chosen based around a players own plan and tactics.

    This post is just for units, and I intend to come back about stratagems, etc, unless someone beats me to it. I hope this helps, and if you disagree with any of my points PLEASE POST. Its not like I am a Planetstirke veteran... yet.

    Regards, Revan_101.

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    Lash prince, remember the occupants of a bastion count as inside a vehicle so will be immune to lash until the structure is breached.

    Termies are fantastic. IoS will be less worthwhile as termies don't get frag grenades so will assault at I1 into cover. Isn't there a stratagem that gives your army frag grenades? Could be worthwhile if you have plenty of termies. Combimeltas on termies are very useful in giving you a breached bastion to chew at on the turn you arrive. IoT or IoN may be better to survive the game longer and cut down on losses from fixed instalations.

    Oblits and melta armed raptors can also land, shoot and assault on their arrival turn and with icons of chaos all over the place our scatters should be safer than most.

    Plague marines remain my favourite defensive unit with good special weapon ratios and blight grenades making assaulting them in cover a chore. Shooting FNP guys with a cover save also is not what the enemy like to see.
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