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Thread: Team Tactics

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    Team Tactics

    One of my friend's and I are going to be playing in a doubles tournament in August and I'd like everyone's opinion on what I should run. It's a 2000 pt game (1000 pts for each of us) and the only stipulations are that we each need to field 1 HQ choice and 1 Troops choice, and that we both share the same Force Organization Chart (ie. if I field 2 heavy choices, he can then field only 1).

    The idea he came up with was that he would field support (he plays Nids) using Godfexes, Warriors, Without Number Gaunts (for objectives) and possibly a Flyrant and I would spam Plague Marines and use a Nurgle Prince w/Warptime. What do you guys think, and do you have any suggestions on what we could do to make this better?

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    Your strategy sounds pretty good. I have to admit, I don't know much about Nids, so I can't give much advice about his part of the list.

    Plague Marines are good objective holders, good thinking there. Maybe take some normal Marines with either Heavy Bolters or Missile Launchers to deal with any horde armies you come up against. With him fielding Bugzillas and you taking one of the more expensive troops, you'll be outnumbered. Taking some stuff to help thin the numbers before they get close (or to have range against shooting armies) would probably help.

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