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    GRUDGEMATCH!!! I could use some advice against OTHER CSM's

    Hello again everyone.

    As some of you may know, I have been preparing furiously for the last two weeks for a 1250 doubles tournament at my local GW. Well, the tournament has come and gone and my partner and I took the Best Generals award home. We beat three winning teams through the course of the day including a combined force of Dark Angels and Witch Hunters, an entire army of Genestealers with Broodlords, and a force of Orks and Genestealers with Gazhgul in the final round to secure victory. We only lost best overall by one point to an army that only won one of their games because their opponents did not show up/could not stay (I heard two completely different stories from the two teammates) and our armies didn't even receive a score in the painted portion as my partners army wasn't even primed .


    This evening, one of the local managers found out about this victory by default and when he realized that they had each received a free battleforce AND one was supposed to have played for his store and was forced not to by another manager, a grudgematch/duel has been called by the two managers and will likely be fought at the store I learned to roll dice at (ahh the memories...) My partner and I are extremely excited and want to be able to claim the title of best 40k tag team in the east San Francisco Bay Area (until the tournament next month) as well as an opprotunity for a free battleforce (or at least bragging rights and pride)

    This is the list I ran at the tournament and will still be running:

    Angels of Apathy:

    Daemon Prince
    Mark of Slaanesh
    Lash of Submission

    Chaos Sorcerer
    Mark of Slaanesh
    Lash of Submission

    8 Khorne Berzerkers
    Skull Champion
    Power Weapon

    8 Khorne Berzerkers
    Skull Champion
    Power Weapon

    8 Plague Marines
    Plague Champion
    Power Fist
    2 Flamers
    Dedicated Rhino Transport


    Chaos Predator
    Twin-Linked Lascannon

    My parter is running two GODfexes, a Hive tyrant with three tyrant guard, 10 hormogaunts, 10 devogaunts, 10 termagaunts and 3 Zoanthropes.

    Our partners (as luck would have it) is a tag team of Nurgle and Khorne.

    Their armies include at least one land raider, 3 rhinos for the plague marines, some termies (I think nurgle) two deepstriking oblits and chaos lords (possibly a DP).

    I could use some advice on how to attack these opponents. Any help will be greatly appreciated and cherished with whatever rep I can provide.

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    Alright i'll have a crack, i can help you out with your chaos stuff and what to do, not so sure about the Nids, but i will also have a quick go at them.


    If possible, i'd probably drop the Predator tank for another Vindicator, that way both of your armies will become hard hitting assault with some nice large blast support, also gives his deepstriking terminators a bit of a task to land next to something vulnerable and more chance of them having to roll on the mishap table.

    Okay next thing i noticed, is that your a playing against marines, give your plague marines plasma guns, they AP 2 on them is just mean and if you put them in some decent cover they become hard to remove.

    You also require at least rhinos for your khorne berserkers, having them footslog against nurgle, which is normally shooty will not be fun for you, and you will just lose marines as you walk forward.

    Okay this last point depends on your tactics, but your sorceror either needs wings to make decent use of him and lash, otherwise he needs to be inside a rhino with one of the other squads supporting them, his lack of mobility without a transport will be his downfall and he wont get to be where he needs to be.

    Also to save some points and make some changes i'd remove the meltabombs off of your squads.


    Land Raiders, you want to hit with either Melta guns from rhinos out the hatch, remember those fire points people they are always fun to pop other tanks with, or your other option becomes your Daemon Prince and his Hive Tyrant, (who is hopefully a flyrant), both of these options against the land raiders get the extra D6 for penetration which makes AV14 not seem all that untouchable.

    As i said against his terminators, if you guys can get your entire army up close to his, including your vehicles, he will have a hard chance of making a decent deep strike. Or if they do land try to catch them with a demolisher cannon shot, it will take out a decent chunk of the squad.

    Their plague marines, you really want to pop their rhinos and lash them with your DP or Sorceror and then drop a demolisher cannon shot on them, it wounds on a 2 +, ignores their armour save and Feel No Pain, it won't be fun for them.

    Then basically work where you need to be, get your plague marines on vital objectives they are tough to move, get your berserkers hitting/challenging objectives they are great for it. Get your friend to use his nids where need be, get those fexes on big units/vehicles and use his gaunts to help support any objective holding or taking

    Hope that all helps.

    Wish i could have done more for the Nids, but you'd probably be best asking over in their forum.


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    Glad to hear you kicked ass and took names!

    I'm going to try not to repeat much that I said in the other thread, or that Winter said (because he had some great stuff in there).

    On the army list -

    I'd get rid of all the meltabombs - let the Vindicator/Predator/Nids do the vehicle popping. Unless, of course, you found them incredible useful with your play style during the tournament.

    Get rid of the flamers on your plague marines. It's cheesy to prep your army for your opponent, but melta/plas will get you a lot further depending on what you want to do.

    Also on the plague marines, and this may be mild crazy talk, but with a lot of assaulting units in your army I might gear them a little more heavily towards shooting. I would consider replacing the power fist (or adding to it) a plasma pistol, combi-plasma, or combi-melta depending on where you want to go with the squad.

    Rhinos won't hurt for the berserkers, but I guess you can use the 'Nids to help screen.

    Some thoughs on strategy -

    Plague marines put a lot of emphasis on not dying, but don't put out a lot of hurt for their points. Great for holding objectives, but they can be overwhelmed. They're likely to be sporting melta/plas - which is how they can hurt you. I'd try to get get your berserkers up close and personal where they can shine while denying the special weapons, if you can't get a monstruous creature there first.

    Your predator, if it survives, will probably be your best chance against the obliterators, and should also have a great time popping Rhinos. Meltas or monstruous creature are probably the best way to deal with the Land Raider. Do you know what he's sticking in the LR?

    Would I be correct in assuming that the khorne guy is bringing berserkers to the table even though you didn't mention it?

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    Hello there, JackalLegion,

    Let me just chime in with a few more thoughts:

    As a major advocate of plague marines, I tend to agree with MoarGobboz in that they don't put out nearly as much offensive for their cost. At the same time, their staying power tends to make up for this, so long as you're not throwing the plaguers at enemy units that deprive saves (i.e,. termis, monstrous creatures, etc.). My best results with plague marines, or any of our troop choices for that matter, results in combined attacks. Really, aside from Kharn, Abby, and zerkers, all of our other options are designed to be used in conjunction with other units in the assault phase. I can't emphasize this enough. In fact, I repeatedly take my plaguers against zerker squads and blood claws (Blood Angels) without any problems, because I combine them with princes, dreads, defilers, other infantry units. Since you're fielding two lashes, this should not be a problem for you.

    Second, I see your ally is Nids. Well, that's fine, except that you will need some additional long range support that can bust through enemy armor (Nids are crippled right now in this respect). For this reason, I'd suggest you take two predators with the following configuration: las-sponsons, auto-cannon hull. This pred is incredibly effective for its point cost and has respectable staying power. In order to achieve this, you'll need to drop your vindi and your present predator.

    Continuing: If you really want to hammer your opponent, then you may consider switching out the sorcerer for another lash prince or even a prince with warp time. Both are rock solid choices. You can't go wrong with either.

    Finally, since your up against a Nurgle/Khorne force, why not switch out the flamers in your plague squad to either melta or plasma?
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