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Thread: New 40k Player

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    New 40k Player


    I'm thinking about starting a CSM army. I wanted to ask some more experienced players what some good starting units would be. I don't want to go out and buy units I won't use.

    Any responses would be appreciated.

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    Well, for starters have you looked at which Cult troops you would like to play (Thousand Sons, Noise Marines, Plague Marines, Berzerkers) or just your basic Chaos raider group. After you have chosen this it will answer some of your questions on what to buy.

    No matter which one you choose, you are going to need some basic Chaos Marines as these guys are simply fantastic jacks of all trades. Also you will need to decide what HQ you would like to run. It is very common to see Daemon Princes, but for me I love my Sorcerers. A Chaos Lord is also a very viable choice. Now for some elites: Terminators for chaos are amazing, I almost never leave home without 8-10 of these guys. Combi melta's are the single most fantastic thing in the universe! Although lots of guys do prefer the combi plasma, it is really a personal taste. Chosen are also a good viable choice (these guys are just converted from a normal chaos marine box). Fast attack is often not used in a chaos players arsenal, and wont be until the new codex comes out i'm sure. Heavy Support, here is where the magic happens. Obliterators are a very common choice for most chaos players, as they can deep strike and can choose between 5-6 differnt weapon options. I prefer the more "subtle" double Vindicator road. Not much can stand up to that.

    Sorry for the little rant, all in all if you want to run with the "trend" pick up a daemon prince, some chaos marines, a rhino or two, some terminators and some obliterators to start. Play a few games and proxy some things that you dont have and see if you like them.

    Hope that helps.
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    The £50 box set is a good place to begin. just dont use the possessed as they tend to suck. However you can mix the bits for the 5 possessed with the 15 CSMs to make 20 CSMs with a few mutated limbs etc for variation. Below are some of the more common units to take in competetive lists.

    HQ: Prince, MoS, wings, lash 155
    HQ: Prince, MoN, wings, warptime 175
    HQ: Prince, MoT, wings, warptime, doombolt 185

    Troops: 10 CSM, champ + PF, 2 melta, IoCG, rhino 255
    Troops: 8 Berserkers, champ + PW, Rhino 233
    Troops: 7 Plague Marines, champ + PF, 2 Plasma, Rhino 256
    Troops: 6 Noise marines with sonic blasters 150

    Elites: 4 termies, 1 HF+CF, 3 PW+Combiplasma 155

    Heavy: AC/2LC Pred 130
    Heavy: Vindicator 125
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    Just a quick rundown:

    1.) Daemon Prince - best bang for it's buck, very common, especially with the Lash of Submission
    2.) Chaos Lords - some people like them, but they are inferior to Daemon Princes in most ways
    3.) Sorcerers - more popular than Lords, brought usually for Lash, but can be very effective in CC with Warptime psychic power

    Possessed - ignore them, they suck
    Terminators - good, though mostly as smaller, somewhat disposable units, if you bring them, use combi-plasma's or meltas to deliver some ranged hate, otherwise they are typically a waste
    Chosen - good, though not as reliable if you outflank, fairly popular, don't make an uber squad, that's too many points, keep it reasonable

    CSM - As said before, good jack of all trades (think Hydralisk, lol) Good place to start from, can do CC and shooting
    Plague Marines - very popular, good choice
    Berzerkers - also very popular and effective
    Noise Marines - not as widely used, often a good choice, if a little expensive for the points, best to proxy first and see if you like them or not
    Thousand Sons - unless you have a fluff reason, I'd avoid them, awesome against some units, absolute waste against others

    Fast Attack: (mostly ignore this section, honestly)
    Bikes - overpriced drastically, but can be used effectively if you have a thing for FA, best to leave them at home usually
    Raptors - more common than bikes, but kinda a bad choice with all Chaos being mech now, personally I don't use them at all anymore unless it's Planetstrike
    Spawn - don't even think about it

    HS: Basically all good choices here, just depends on your army, Havocs aren't as useful as before, since they can't score and are fairly pricey, but still can be good. Easiet choice for a new player is probably Obliterators (which are the most popular)

    Greater Daemon: good bang for buck, tough to deliver sometimes, and you have to give up the essential champion, best suggestion is to bring along a plain champ in infiltrating Chosen
    Lesser Daemons: useless and overpriced, some people like them in small sqauds for objective squatting, if you're interested, proxy first
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    best start will be in any case to buy troop-choices and a HQ, to get a playable
    little army

    that means for example 2*10 CSM with champs with powerfist and 2 special weapons in each squad + HQ ( for example a demonprince, or a squad of terminators led by a chaoslord in terminatorarmor)

    have fun!
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    Almost every very solid army will have some, if not all, of the following:

    Demon prince
    3+ rhinos

    Personally, my army doesn't use CSM at all and I just use a mix of nurgles and khornites to do the job. a 7 man squad of nurgles with two melta guns and one power fist is one of the most versatile units in the game.
    Nurgle, the freshmaker.

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