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    Skarbrand reroll TOO killy?

    I've never used him, but is Skarbrand's Rage Embodied ability TOO powerful? It seems like the objective with Demon lists that I have read about on this forum are to get into combat with Fiends and stay locked in combat during your opponents turn to avoid getting shot to pieces. Then the Fiends move on and leave the rest of the squad to slower units like Bloodletters/Bloodcrushers. Or do you just leave Skarbrand out of range on the turn that the Fiends charge and move him into range when the 'mop up' troops arrive. Or is any unit of CC oriented units more than enough to finish off most/all enemy troops and rerolling failed rolls to hit is just overkill?

    I have only played one game of Chaos Demons quite a while ago with the demons that I had from my 4th edition CSM army and lost pretty horribly to Necrons due to non-competitive army selection (no icons), some bad scatters (again, no Icons and some disastrous mishaps), bad reserve rolls, and general lack of Demon strategy. Please tell me I'm wrong and Skarbrand is as awesome as I think he might be - I5 and I6 Khorne and Slaneeshi demons with rerolls butchering the opponent is something I would like to utilize...

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    most people don't just throw Skarbrand in any list willy nilly. His re-roll ability given to both friends and foe alike within 24" of him so who ever has the higher inititive gets an advantage. Tzeentch and Nurgle units lack inititive and combat abilities so Skarbrand is usually detremental to them, and Khorne only has I5 on the charge (Furious Charge) which with only infantry movement is somewhat hard to get so will typically tie with anything decent in combat and anything less is probably going to get desimated regardless of Skarbrand.

    That leaves Slaanesh who has everything to take full advantage of Skarbrand (hight inititive, grenades and atleast fleet) which is why the only time youy see him is in pure Slaanesh lists (AKA Pimp and Hoes).

    PS. You don't need Icons to be competitive

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