Really I just want to know more about this mini Titan. Is it worth the points? has it worked well in games you have played?

The reason I am asking is that most of my freinds have something cool for Apocolipse games and I would like to have something cool too. I run a Slaanesh so the Subjugator seems to fit

my worries with the Subjugator stem from it's weapons for one they seem to pack a punch, but I think the Tormentor Cannon should have a higher strength then a single frequency Blastmaster. Plus it's amour seems week for a Titan even if it's a mini one. it has the same amour as a Defiler or Dreadnought, but then again I do not know much about structure points, so I feel like an idiot.

so thank you in advance for any help rep will be dispenced if the help is helpful.

oh I plan on using the GI Joe Iron Hammer