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    Slaanesh Plague Marines

    Hey all.
    Here is my situation....

    I have a heap of Space Marines, and quite a few with bp/ccw that i am going to convert into Chaos Space Marines.

    I have bought 2x DP, 3x Vindicators, and 2x Rhinos that im going to paint up as Slaanesh, and was going to paint the marines black with pink highlights, and use plenty of greenstuff to make them look chaotic.

    Now my question....

    How legal would it be to make Slaanesh Plague Marines?

    Rather than using the actual Plague Marine models though, i wanted to covert the standard models to come with syringes containing a pink liquid, and perhaps more syringes on the backpack.

    To fit the Slaanesh fluff, they would be marines that are so addicted to the drugs that it has affected them so much that their nerves have been weakened by the drugs, and the signal of touch that the nerves send to the brain is weaker.
    As a result, they have a greater resistance to pain, however the lack of a sense of touch causes their close combat skills to weaken.
    This accounts for the T5, the FnP, the Fearless, and the I3.

    The reason i wanted to have everything Slaanesh colours is so that the army looks somewhat consistent, rather than having half Slaanesh and half Nurgle.
    The other reason is that actual Plague Marine models painted up as Slaanesh would look extremely unfluffy, and i personally dont like the look of the Plague Marine models anyway.

    Do you think i would have any issues in a tournament with these?

    Chaos - 11W 0L 0D
    Orks - 8W 0L 0D
    Tyranids - 8W 0L 0D

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    I don't think you'd have a problem as long as you outline why they look how they do and what they count as... and as long as you don't run slaneesh and nurgle squads next to each other with the exact same modeling details it should be cool.

    I ran a squad of space marine veterans with a very bloody chaplain as my HQ for my chaos army and no one had any questions once I told them what they counted as.

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    Yeah Warhammer fluff is pretty forgiving. If you can come up with a half reasonable explanation for something, it will be fine with more people.
    Check my Blog for Battle Reports, useless ranting and more! Comments appreciated.
    Like to talk Warhammer or want some advice on Armies or Tactics? Drop me a PM!

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