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    Combi-Weapon type/placement

    In a pure nurgle army, what do you think is more useful, combi weapons on champs, or on their rhinos?

    Just so you know, its a 1000 point list, and it goes kind of as follows

    Nurgle prince, 2 fluffy plague marine units in rhinos, a defiler, and 2 oblits. The marines are kitted with meltas and champ w/fist. Warptime on prince.

    On top of where to place the combi weapon, what type of combi would you take?

    I was thinking melta, as that seems to be the go-to weapon, but with 4 in the army, plus the obbies, and the MC, I am of the mind that I have enough meltas.

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    Personally I would swap out one of the squads melta weapons and give them Plasma. Plague marines are much better at handling plasma then regular marines and plasma, with the exception of it potentially killing its user, is probably the best troop-based weapon we can get. And to make those points back up only equip the Melta squads rhino with a combi rhino.

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