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    Chaos army options

    mark of nuegle on everythingor take a regular squad and call them plague marinesgive lord daemon weapon and mountdeep strike termies and possesed get shooting squad in buildingsfull 20 bezerkers Rhinos for everything

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    Luckily for you I am fluent in runon. In the future I reccomend taking a breath and using punctuation lest you be attacked by a horde of angry vicious things. (Not trying to be rude here, Just noting some people wont even respond to a question that is not written correctly)

    Q: Mark of Nurgle on everything? or Take a regular squad and call them plague marines?

    A: Plauge marines already come with mark. If you take a normal squad and icon them you run the risk of losing the icon and losing the marks advantage.

    Q: Give the lord a Daemon weapon and steed?

    A: Most demon weapons are not worth the cost and it's a very good chance your lord will hit himself at least once if not more, There are better things to spend your points on. Giving the lord a mount isnt a bad idea however is he alone? Are you going to provide a fast attack squad like raptors to stick him with? If hes alone hes going to die to gunfire very fast, Especially if he is smacking himself in the face with his daemon weapon when he tries to fire back.

    Q: Deep strike Termies?

    A: How big of a squad? Is this a suicide melta av squad? Is it a large squad you spent a ton on? What is its purpose?

    Q: Possessed Shooting squad in buildings?

    A: Not sure what your asking here. If your thinking of flamer templates to deny cover its far cheaper to just give vanilla csm's flamers or lookinto some other options for flamers like a vanilla defiler as it will get much closer to those buildings than your possesed are likely to.

    Q: 20 berserkers 2 rhinos.

    A: Hard to go wrong with 2 squads of Zerkers in rhino's.

    So kinda what your saying is, You want 2 squads of zerkers in rhinos, A squad of possesed with flamers, Some termies to ds, A jetbike lord with an extra attack and a daemon weapon, And Either some actual plauge marines or a squad or 2 of vanilla csm's with an icon of nurgle?

    Not a terrible idea for a list, But without any indication of what kind of tactics you intend to employ with a lone jetbike lord and a undisclosed amount of terminators without a job description its very difficult to give you any advice on what to do here other than drop the possessed and pick up something cheaper for your flamers.

    Hope that helps some, But you really should indicate the how and why for the type of army and direction you wish it to go. Then its much easier to appraise and offer sound advice.
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    Chaos Champion, please use complete sentences, proper punctuation, and your spell checker.

    This Forum is populated by many people from all over the world, to whom English is not their first language. Using English properly helps people read and understand your posts, as well as allowing automated translators to work better and more efficiently.

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