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Thread: Thousand Sons?

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    Thousand Sons?

    Hey everybody (hi dr. Nick). So the last year or so i've been mainly involved in collecting/painting and gaming with my fantasy armies. But thankfully i've been given a random bonus from work and now find myself wanting to plunge back into 40K! But my first major problem is picking an army. I'm stuck between 4 different armies that I would love to play and possibly expand on by purchasing from Forgeworld and playing Apoc. sometime in the future. I would like to only collect and play two of these armies.

    I wanted an army that did not require me to purchase too many models (the less the better) but the few models that I did purchase for the army would need to be highly detailed and hopefully metal. Considering all of this I decided that Thousand sons Chaos Space Marines would probably be a good fit for me. Ahriman is one of my favorite models ...ever. not to mention I wouldn't mind picking up every Chaos Sorceror model, because they all look fantastic as well. The Thousand Sons models are pretty slick as well, and the idea of playing a psychic-heavy army in 40k is appealing to me.

    I would like advice from veteran Thousand Sons players as to the nature of how the army functions on the battlefield, weaknesses and strengths. also any nods towards fluff and other GW publications focusing on post or pre-heresy Thousand Sons would be great. What other units generally go well with a Thousand Sons force, and how can I keep my model count as low as possible but still keep my army reletively effective?

    anything at all you can tell me would be highly appreciated. Thanks in advance.

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    Well, I played Thousand Sons for a bit, and my advice is that they will have a hell of a hard time against Orks, 'Nids, and even some peasky Eldar. Thousands Sons arn't built to mow down hoards, but are a rather specialized roll (That roll is killing anything with a 3+ armor save). That being said, you will do very well against other Marine armies. Chaos Space Marines should be your main focus, utilizing only 2 squads of Thousand Sons at games higher than 1500 points. I would suggest Warp Time on all of your Aspiring Sorcerers. Thousand Sons do not do well in combat, and need the sorcerer to get them out of that situation all together. While I'm on the combat thing, remember that Thousand Sons always count as being in cover while moving, and don't have grenades.

    Next, the only real cost effective way to kill tanks is with Terminators. Give them Combi-Melta's and deep strike them near a tank.
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    HQ: Arhiman is expensive but not outstanding in game terms. I prefer daemon princes with wings, MoT and warptime then add either wind of chaos or (if short of points) add doombolt. Princes are a decent source of close combat power as well as tank hunting and psy powers. Thousand sons lack combat power. Yes they are tough in combat but they don't generate many kills themselves.

    Elites: Small 4-5 man termie units can be great with combi plasmas or combi meltas and a single CF or PF. They add combat power and decent special weapon shooting for one turn.

    Troops: Big suads of 1Ksons probably in a rhino and with DOOMBOLT on the champ. Wind is expensive but works well from a rhino. Don't use bolt as you must waste all the AP3 bolter fire to use it against tanks and it isn't exactly a magnificent antitank weapon. Take a combimelta on the rhino for some of the benefits while alowing the men to mow down armoured infantry.
    Standard CSM squads with IoT are not to be dismissed either. They have more attacks in combat and can carry special weapons and a PF.

    fast: Dont bother.

    heavy: Vindicators, AC/2LC Preds, Oblits teleporting from icons or defilers with 2xCCW. The latter is reccomended as the combat power can be used to dig out 1Ksons who get caught in combat freeing them sooner for more shooting.
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