Okay boys, and girls if there are any- last night instead of sleeping I chose to convert some Dark Heresy stuff from the Inquisitor’s Handbook. More specifically the Daemon Weapons, and some cool Warp toys. I plan on going through and getting the rest of this tasty stuff, and also doing this for cool stuff in the other books.
The book listed some attributes of Daemon Weapons, and in typical RPG manner put them on a random table, however, it being converted to 40k, I decided to make them options for your CSM Daemon Weapons, and give them points costs.
These rules are in addition to those in Codex: Chaos Space Marines. You may still take the Daemon Weapons listed therein, and you may take a Lord with one of those, and a Lord with one of these Weapons in the same army.- They are more complicated, but that’s the point so do worry about commenting on it.
There are four levels of Daemons each level has a LD value - Minor-LD-5/Daemon-LD-6/Herald-LD-7/Greater-LD-8. . At the beginning of each turn, the model wielding the Weapon, and the Daemon in the Weapon have a power struggle(this is called a Mastery test) - each rolls a D6 and adds it to their LD. If the Wielder gets higher, it can be used normally for the turn. If the Daemon wins, it inflicts D3 hits equal to its Power- Minor-S-1/Daemon-S-2/Herald-S-3/Greater-S-4. If it is a tie, than it is simply treated as a C.C.W. (note that this means a Character with LD-10 need not take a Mastery test for using a Minor Weapon)
Each level allows a number of Attributes to be taken- Minor-1/Daemon-2/Herald-3/Greater-4
Each Weapon selects a number of Attributes equal to or less than the number given above, from the following list- I need help pointing these

+5 Sharp as Sin- Rending,
+15 Hungering- +D6 attacks
+10 Void Chill- Hits cause the model to have -1 Int, not cumulative per additional hits- can be cumulated with other affects lowering Int.
+20 Screaming- Enemies within 6” -1 LD, -1 Int
+15 Dark Fire- Temp S-5 AP-1 Type Assault 1
+10 Null- 4+ Inv against all psychic powers
+35 Life Bane- D3 Wounds per hit
+25 Heart Seeker- +2 S
+50 Mind Leech- Any enemy wounded, but not killed has -2 WS, -2 Int, -2 A
+30 Vampiric- For every unsaved wound inflicted- D6- 6= +1 W, can take over max number of wounds.
+35 Hell Spite- Rage, x2 S
+20 Soul Thirster- Force Weapon
+40 Aetheric Blade- No saves of any kind
+50 Warp Touched- Counts as Icon, all Daemons have +1to Summoning Rolls

In addition, any Deamon Weapon can take one of the following without using any Attribute points—
Power Weapon +15/Lightning Claw +25/Pair of Lightning Claws +30/Power Fist +25/Pair of Power Fists +30

Here are some named Weapons from the Inquisitor’s Handbook—
Anguish- Greater/ S-6, Power Weapon, Sharp as Sin, Void Chill, Rip Reality- Jump Infantry
Gorethirster- Herald/ Power Weapon, Hell Spite, Life Bane, Demand of Blood- If any hits do not wound, or are saved, the wielder takes a hit with no saves on a D6- 6+.
Lash of Bitterness-Daemon/ Mind Leech, Screaming, Daemonic Presence- All enemies within 12” -1 LD
Mace Of Judgment-Herald/ Daemon Hater- +2 S against Daemons, Sin of Righteousness- Fearless, +2 WS
The Whispers of Delight-Daemon/ Power Weapon, 2 Close Combat Weapons, Sharp as Sin, Whispers of Delight- enemy has -1 LD per 2 unsaved wounds
Midnight-Greater/ Lightning Claw, Void Eater, Dark Fire, Warp Touched, Light Eater- All units within 6” have 4+ cover friendly or not, Wielder has Night Vision.
Rot Giver-Minor/ Gift of Rot- any model hit has its armor permanently reduced by 1.
Hesht: Granter of Vengeance-Herald/ Aetheric Blade, Heart Seeker, Unstable- every time this weapon delivers the last wound on a model, must take a Mastery test.
Scepter of 10k Eyes-Herald/ Null, Incandescent Blast- Rng-18” S-6 AP-1 Type- Assault 3, Psy Focus- roll 3D6 for Psychic Tests, using lowest 2
Spear of Countless Eyes-Minor/ Hungering, Instinct of the Beast- Night Vision

The following are not Daemon Weapons- need help with points----
+80 Psy Engine- Counts as a piece of Wargear, but is treated like a Psyker- LD-7 if used by a Psyker, has LD-8 —At the beginning of each turn the Psychic must decide whether he will use his own powers, or the Engine. Uses One Hand.
May use two of the following per turn, taking a Psychic test each time-
Psy Shield- 3+ Inv for model and his unit, if the model is in a vehicle, the vehicle may be given the save.
Lightning- RNG- 18” S-3 AP-5 Type- Assault 3D6
Torrent of Energy- Temp S-5 Ap-3 Type- Assault
Beam of Energy- RNG- 36” S-8 AP-1 Type Assault, Melta
Focused- S-8 Power Weapon, 2 Handed, doubles attacks

+30 Empyric Conduit-Blade—One Handed, Poisoned, +2 S against Daemons