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    'ard Boyz- who is going?

    I will be going to 'ard Boyz this year (for the first time). Any veterans going? And any big tips?

    I am hoping that the semi-finals will be somewhere nearby since if I make it to round 2 I am concerned about having to travel really far just to get mauled at the semi-finals. I am mostly playing for fun, but I think I can at least get through the qualifier.

    I will be rolling an all-infantry'ish army:

    2 DP's with lash
    2 5-man chosen squads (one squad with meltas, one squad with plasma guns)
    1 5 man termie squad (combi melta, combi flamer, heavy flamer)
    3 10 man CSM squads (melta gun, asp champ w/powerfirst)
    2 5 man noisemarine squads (2 sonic blasters + 1 blast master)
    1 8 man raptor squad (asp champ with 2 lightning claws, 1 melta gun)
    1 3 man oblit squad
    2 6 man havoc squads (one with 2 missile 2 lascannon, one with 2 autocannons + 2 heavy bolters)

    Pros: no tanks for them to pop. Lots of marines! 5 troop choices for objective grabbing
    Cons: not very mobile or fast

    I've used a similar list before to good effect. Plenty of firepower. Lashs help to harass (and make some early HTH rounds)

    Anyone else here bringing a chaos army to 'ard boyz this year? If so, what list will you use?



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    I'm attending the one in my town in 2 weeks. I have no idea what army to bring yet, even less which armt list to bring.

    So far i'm toying with a all mech eldar list with 3 falcons, 7 wave serpents. A dark eldar list spamming dark lances. A blood angels list sporting 6 Land raiders. Or my trusty CSM. For my CSM I have 4 lists written down but can't decide which one is best.

    So far, 9 oblits, 2 raiders with terminators, plague marines in rhinos and 2 winged princes
    Or, double defiler, double raider with termis, predator, dreadhaught, rhinos full of troops (khorne berzerkers, plagues marines, CSM), double wing prince
    Or, 6 10 man troops (20 CSM, 20, khorne berzerkers, 20 plague marines) in rhinos with meltas, champ, fists. Obliterators, predator, double sorcerer with lash
    Finally, 10 Nurgle bikers, nurlge lord on bike with deamon weapon. 2 plague marine units in rhinos. 9 Obleterators, 12-16 terminators, 4-6 units of lesser deamons coming of icons (played as the old deamon bomb armies)
    "Iron Within, Iron Without"

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