What circumstances would allow you to take a cover save from Nurgle's Rot? - Warhammer 40K Fantasy

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    What circumstances would allow you to take a cover save from Nurgle's Rot?

    In what circumstances should I allow a cover save to my opponent when my daemon prince unleashes rot?

    Lets say that he's surrounded in orks. his base is totally surrounded in one mob of orks, rot fires, is he conferring a cover save to every unit outside the immediate combat? in other words, is it considered firing through the orks that surround him?

    another circumstance, he is surrounded by the same orks, this time in terrain, do the orks in combat with him receive a cover save from the rot because they are all in terrain?

    Its my opinion, that no cover saves should be allowed from the rot, but I don't think the rule expressly says so.


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    Using a Psychic Shooting Attack counts as firing a ranged weapon & is an assault weapon unless otherwise stated (Big Book, p50 ). Given this, I can't see any reason why either of your scenarios would NOT permit enemy units to make cover saves.

    After reading the Psychic Shooting Attack entry in the Big Book, I'm mulling over the prospects of Nurgle's Rot requiring LoS to each respective enemy model within 6" of the psyker, seeing as how LoS is required for Psi Shooting Attacks.
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    Rot isnt actually a ranged assault weapon since you can use it in combat as well even though it takes up the shooting slot for that model.

    I see it more as a massive blast weapon where a cloud of gases & diseases rush out from the caster, so if the unit is behind a building it will shield some of the effect even if it is not in LoS. The units affected would be anything within 6" and only receive a cover save if the majority of the unit is behind some cover and not in CC with the caster. If it is in CC with the caster, I wouldn't allow the cover save since they are so close.

    It even says in the entry ALL ENEMY MODELS WITHIN 6" so it doesnt really matter if its in LoS or not. Units in transports tho... thats another story. Not sure if thats allowable

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