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    Return of Chaos Lt.'s

    Our HQ's have been described as worthless or Daemon Princes, so I decided to make up rules for dirt cheap HQ's to fill up that 1 slot and still are reasonably effective.
    Lesser Sorcerer-75 points
    Statline, Sorcerer's except minus 1 to WS, BS and Wounds.
    Options and equipment, Same as sorcerer except may not take a familiar, a second psychic power with MoT (can still use 2 per turn with MoT with such spells as Warptime, Gift of Chaos and the Psychic execution ability), may not take Lash of Submission with MoS or any Daemonic steed. Independent Character. 5+ invulnerable save
    Chaos Lieutenant-70 points
    Statline, Chaos Lords' except minus 1 to WS and Wounds.
    Options and equipment, Same as Chaos Lord's except cannot take a Daemon Weapon or Demonic Mount. Independent Character, Fearless and 5+ Invulnerable Save.

    The Lash of Submission on a 100 point model would be silly. I figure that the Lt. would be worth it with a Powerfist and any mark but MoS. For MoS PowerWeapon/Lightning Claw. Marks of Nurgle on a sorcerer are expensive and ineffective when compared with a Daemon Prince with MoN, but these guys are cheap enough to have them be more attractive in lower point games and worth less if they happen to die off. I figure you don't need the extra wound if a powerfist is going to ice you anyway. The limitations are to encourage the use of Chaos Lords and Sorcerers in higher point games.

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    I like the chaos Lt but i think the sorceror isnt needed. I miss my old codex Lt with MoN, Manreaper and daemonic strength.
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