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    Senior Member slann-o-engine-eo's Avatar
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    Deamonzilla-how fairs thee?

    After having to play against tyranids in their last codex and having to deal with all flying montrosities and now playing their new codex and having to deal with all ground montrosities I wanna contruct my own monsterous list out of deamons.

    I have no chaos deamons experience but I do play chaos space marines with 3 dreadnaughts and 3 defilers and 2 princes and it fairs really really well, except against tau which blast me off the board befor I get within attack range and mech eldar which spin in circles around me and spear me to death.

    Im thinking a 3 deamon prince list with 2 greater deamons list will be able to fair better though with all the flying and the ability to deep strike bolt of tzeentch anywhere and hurt vehicles along with flamers to take out key units.

    My list is going to look something around the lines of 3 deamon princes of tzeentch, 2 blood thirsters or 2 lord of change with mostly bloodletters for close combat and flamers and bloodcrushers for support

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    YEs. you will have problems with mech eldar still. It may be your toughest opponent. On the good side marines fall like a card house to my all khorne list. +2, +3 armor... whatever.. all my units have power weapons.. The tzeentch princes are very expensive especially when you mix in the wings with them. I suggest not throwing all you eggs into one basket and get wings on some and not others. Bloodcrushers and fiends are hottly debated on this forum as to which is better. I love them both so I tend to have one unit of each. THe crushers are my rock that I throw into the frey, and the fiends are my scalpal that can move quicly and are precision killers.
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    Senior Member Mad Cat's Avatar
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    Keep Daemon princes cheap such as MoT and bolt for 140 points.

    Adding wings is good but the cost can be too much. Better to have 3 footsloggers than 2 flying princes.
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    LO Zealot mynameisgrax's Avatar
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    In 1500 point games or higher, you'll need a solid strategy for bringing down Eldar skimmers, and bolts alone aren't going to cut it. You'll either need fast monstrous creatures, or lots of fiends.

    Against Tyranid lists, be sure to use Daemon Princes of Nurgle with wings and noxious touch, and having plenty of bolts doesn't hurt either. Your first priority when fighting nids is to take out the Tervigons, because if the gaunts all around it have toxin sacs, they will rip your monstrous creatures to shreds, since they'll each wound on 4+.

    Another tough fight is super-shooty Imperial Guard. This is where bloodcrushers surpass fiends, as you want things that are tough enough to stand up to mass lasgun fire, which will tear anything with a 5+ save only to shreds (including bloodletters and daemonettes). Against them, you need either a 4+ invulnerable save, a 3+ armor save, or feel no pain in order to survive.

    Good luck!
    "Any job worth doing, is worth doing with a powerklaw."

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    Son of LO ericismyname's Avatar
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    I will tell you what i know from my exp at qualifiers for 'ard boyz (3rd place) and 4th at semi finals ( 4/3.

    A unit of blood crushers is as touch as a MC.

    Some may disagree with me, but I have the creditionals to prove it.

    Blood Crushers are better than Fiends. Sorry guys, its a sad sad truth.

    As for demon zilla. higher point games = Bloodthirster + lord of change (or fateweaver).

    Mid pt games= Blood thirster + Keeper of secrets

    Low pt games- keeper of secrets + Great unclean one

    There are 2 wonderful loads out that i use religously with demons.
    Demon prince w/ Wings,Iron Hide, Mark of Nurgle, Noxious Touch, and Cloud of Flies
    Demon Prince w/ Mark of Tzeentch and Bolt of Tzeentch

    Those are the only 2 loadouts I regularly use.

    If we could take lash princes..that'd be a totally different story.

    Good luck.
    Eldar -APOC- 6500 Points
    Chaos Daemons -Fate Crusher- 3500 Points
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