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    Scenario: Stop the Ritual!

    Hello Chaos Space Marine players!

    The old (and, unfortunately, current) Codex: Daemonhunters features a scenario called Stop the Ritual to be played against Chaos Space Marines.
    I have revised it for fifth edition. And since I like to play scenarios written by third parties (so that both players have the same preconditions), I also like to share my scenarios for others to play. Maybe some of you will be grateful for a non-standard but (hopefully) balanced mission with a fluffy backstory. Please note that I am not a Chaos Space Marine player, and also that the scenario can be played with any army as an attacker (and also with any army as a defender, if you want). Enjoy!

    What has been changed:
    • Fifth edition does not use sentries. Thus, the defender (Chaos Space Marines) may now act normally right from the beginning.
    • Since 5+ cover saves are rather weak in fifth edition, the models incanting the ritual instead receive a 4+ cover save.
    • To prevent devastating alpha-strikes, all of the attacker's vehicles must begin the game in reserves.
    • And most importantly: I thought it was a little mean that the Chaos Space Marine player is forced to designate his summoning circles at the beginning of the game and that those units could not act throughout the entire game at all. Thus in this version, any infantry unit of at least five models (that meets certain requirements as outlined in the rules below) can form a summoning circle at any time during the game. And as long as there is always at least one intact summoning circle at the end of every Chaos turn (and at the end of the game), the Chaos Space Marines win.
    Here are the rules...




    The Chaos Marines are attempting to open a rift into the Warp and release all hell. A brave fighting force arrives to attempt to stop them last minute.

    The Set-Up

    The Chaos Marines deploy within 18" of the table center (preferably marked by a ruined temple or altar). The opposing force then picks a short table edge as its own. The opposing force deploys within 6" of its table edge. The opposite short table edge is the Chaos Marines'.
    Any vehicles in the attacker's army must start the game in reserves.

    Then both forces deploy infiltrators and conduct scout moves as usual.
    Roll off to see who goes first: whoever scores highest has the choice. Initiative can not be stolen: whoever has been chosen to go first immediately starts the game with their first turn.

    Game length is the same as for standard missions. The mission has the special rules Reserves and Deep-Strike. Note that the rules for outflanking are unaltered, any outflanking units will still arrive from the short table edges.

    Mission Mechanics

    The Chaos Marines must continue to incant the summoning ritual. This must be done by a summoning circle. Any unit of at least five models, which is arranged in a closed circle with no more than 2" between any two neighboring models enclosing the center of the board, and which is not falling back or has gone to the ground is considered a summoning circle.
    A summoning circle may not act other than move to attain or retain their closed circular formation, react to an assault, or fall back. Models in a summoning circle are protected by a 4+ cover save from the coruscating energies swirling around them. A summoning circle which has fewer than five models, has more than 2" between any two of its neighboring models, does not enclose the center of the table, is falling back or has gone to the ground does not count as incanting the summoning ritual.

    If either at the end of any Chaos Marine turn or the end of the game no unit is incanting the summoning ritual, the attackers win. If at the end of every Chaos Marine turn and the end of the game there is a unit incanting the summoning ritual, the Chaos Marines win.


    Any feedback welcome!

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    Well done mister Archer.
    The Wolf time is upon us!
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