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    For all you Noobs (like me) Read the Rulebook Again!!

    You know, every time I read the Rulebook, there's something in there that I missed. Usually, it is something good. For example: I've been playing mainly Chaos Daemons since just before Christmas 09. I've always thought that Nurgle poison weapons were lousy up until yesterday when I found out that poison weapons reroll all failed wounds if your Strength is equal to or higher than your opponents' Toughness. I've read the rulebook 5 or 6 times and my codex even more and I've missed it every time. It makes a big difference. In fact, my friend who has been playing Warhammer for many years didn't know about the poison rule. In his defense, he plays mainly the IG and Orks who have fewer poisoned weapons. A few months ago, I found out that I was cheating by giving Daemonettes an extra attack for paired weapons. Little did I know that in the codex under Rending Claws, it says that the extra attack is represented in the models profile. So no extra attack for paired weapon. It was an honest mistake, but one I found by reading. Point is for all you new players and even some of the seasoned veterans, every once in a while, re-read your rulebook and codex, it's good for your soul!

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    I had played about 3-4 games with the GUO until I got the poison rule right as well. Usualy even when you read something again your brain will Jedi mind trick you into thinking " These arn't the rules your looking for, move along" and it will take somebody to say " Hey dummy, he gets to reroll wounds" or something to that effect.
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