I was a big SM player, trying to figure out a way I can convert some of my metal models in to certain CSM. I don't want to do a lot of major conversions seeing how I'm pretty sure I suck at it and I don't want to ruin the more expensive ones.

I was thinking about combining the Legion of the Damned, a few regular marines with flamers, and a few Sternguard into Chosen.

Also thinking about trying to file off the Ultramarine iconography and use the Calgar bodyguard as 'Zerkers. As well as the masters of the Chapter models as they are all loaded with close combat weapons.

Does anyone think this would be do able with minimum conversions, I don't mind destroying iconography I just don't want to do any green-stuffing. Taking off heads and shoulder pads when possible is do able as I plan on getting some bits soon enough.