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    Need some help getting a chaos army together

    Hi, me and my brother are novice tyranid and necrons thinking about joining chaos. When we started out, we wanted to be chaos, but we figured we'd never be able to paint the models, which is why we didn't choose them. But now that we've painted we think we could handle it and kind of regret not trying. So now we are looking to sell off our armies and give in to the allure of chaos.

    We'd like to have our own god-themed armies, with mine being nurgle and his being thousand sons. Only, I don't know if that would be very competitive... I've looked around on a bunch of forums and evidently a good nurgle army could hold it's own, but Thousand Sons got a nerf with the 5th edition rules. We figured our general tactic would be to several 5 man plague marine squads in a firing line, with the sons behind them with more firepower, and also some CC marines behind them to provide counter assaults should they assault the plague marine tar pit. We would also both have a small tankbuster squad riding around in rhinos, and winged DPs to fly around and wreak havoc. But, like I said, we are novices, and I'm not entirely sure how effective that would be. Some pointers would be appreciated...

    As for the paint schemes, my brother will just stick to classic thousand sons.

    I want to do something a little different than the average death guard army, though. I'll keep the sores and rotting flesh and the kinds of things that will make you projectile vomit on sight to just the plague marines. I want the rest of my army devoted to Papa Nurgle, but have a cleaner look. Something like this-

    Yeah? Anyway, help and criticism is appreciated. And, uh, death to the false emperor and stuff.

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