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    Spawning a new Chaos Spawn

    Ok, let assume you are a competent GW writer responsible for writing a new CSM codex. Specifically, how would you create a Chaos Spawn that doesn't blow chunks? For me, I'd start with a 4 or 5+ Invulnerable save. I mean, what 40 point unit doesn't have an armour or invulnerable save? I might be inclined to allow wargear that follow a Daemonic gift theme such as FNP for 25 points, poison attacks (4+) for 15 points etc, a mark of a Chaos god for x points etc. Because lets face it, next to no one use the Spawn as it is right now.

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    I agree, spawn definitely need some changes, you seem to have covered my initial responses, but some other special rules to make them different would be good, maybe something like death throws, so even if you kill it it has a chance of causing you some damage, e.g. when slain the spawn inflicts d3 strength 4 hits on any unit in base contact.

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