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Thread: Daemon Beastmen

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    Daemon Beastmen

    I've started an ambitious project: converting a Daemon army out of Beastmen models. I greatly like the concept of armor and technology being defeated by solely brute strength and basic weapons, with a heavy sprinkle of evil chaos. I think Beastmen model the idea I'm after. It will take a bit of imagination, but I'm looking forward to it. I've decided to start this thread to help motivate me. Here's a run down of basic conversions.

    Bloodletters: Basic gors with two hand weapons. The most basic conversion.

    Horrors: Ungors with spears, levitating from lightning. A few will be shooting lightning from their hands to represent the warpfire. My idea with this is to have lightning element demons in the army. Besides, lightning is cooler than fire.

    Bloodcrushers: Minotaurs. I might add some extra bitz and pieces to make them look a little bit more demonic.

    Fiends: Centaurs. I'm torn between using Bestigor/Chaos steed hybrids, or Gor/Marauder Horsemen hybrids. I think the Chaos/Bestigor would look cooler but the heavy armor would cause some confusion as they don't have the iron hide upgrade. I haven't seen the marauder horsemen models in person either.

    Fateweaver: The most complex conversion. I'm planning on making a 'demonic shrine' instead of a giant bird. I'll be using the Skaven Screaming Bell that will be levitating, with heralds clinging to it while they either summon a giant demon from it, or the heralds themselves are just augmented from the shrine's powers. Definitely will be the centerpiece of the army.

    Demon princes: Not quite sure yet, but probably the Doombull model for one, and the Rat Ogre from the screaming bell as another. I love the idea of the giant warpstone (I think?) pendulent on the Plague Furnace being used as a huge ball-and-chain by one of the DP's. I want to use the DP's as primarily Tzeentch Bolt-ers, so we'll see.

    Heralds: Only Tzeentch, of course! I'll use the rats from the screaming bells as the heralds, their crooked stature accenting their bad CC powers. I'll be using the wheels from the Screaming Bell to make Discs of Tzeentch.

    EVERYTHING will be modeled to look like it comes from the Beastmen range, so the rats are going to have a species change! Don't worry, I'll be taking pictures as I go and will start posting a few this week!

    Signature? What, do I sign my name here or something?

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    Sounds like a really cool idea. Good luck with that, and let us know how it goes!
    "Any job worth doing, is worth doing with a powerklaw."

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