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    Looking for a 2500pt build vs SMs

    So I've recently decided to get back into 40k, but I'm pretty much the only person on my school's campus with an army. So I've decided to start building a 2500pt CSM list.

    But there's a couple stipulations to building this army that I hope you guys can help me out with.

    What I'm looking for:
    - a balanced army that could go up against my SM list (3x full Tac squads with razorback transports, a venerable and ironclad dred, 10 sternguard with razorback, land raider, and 2 speeders with multi meltas)?
    - probably have the CSMs be undivided, but would like to include an elite or two from other chaos powers (berzerkers? rubric marines? plague marines?)?
    - would be troop-centric with a sprinkling of vehicles?

    These are some weird prequisites, I'll admit. But I'm looking to have two armies that could battle against each other fairly evenly, so that I could teach others 40k without having my army be OP. I also really enjoy converting and painting, which is partially why I want to include the elites cause i love the rubric and plague marine models.

    But ya, if anyone could whip up a quick list for me to go off of, that would be greatly appreciated!

    Shoot first....shoot again....annnnnnnnnd shoot some more, cause I think I saw his leg twitch.

    Also, very mad props to aerion_the_faitful for making so many damn good drawings, esp. ones of Space Marines (and the one that I use for my Avatar)!

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    The cult marines are troop choices now. =) Dreads, Chosen, Terminators, & Possessed are the elite choices.

    I'd say that Daemon Princes with wings are a must for HQs. I'd take Terminators for elites unless you just like crazed Dreads. For troops. I'd go with squads of 10 (so they can fit in rhinos) with Pfist and 2x Special weapon of choice and Icon of Chaos Glory. Maybe some Zerkers for good CC, and then Plague marines for some toughness and possible objective sitting. (Most of this can be done modeling-wise with the Battle Force. You get CSMs, Berzerkers and Possessed sprues. Which can be converted/combined to have really Chaosy bits on your troops.)
    I would stay away from the Fast attack choices. Heavy support, I'd go with Obliterator Cults.

    I'm leaving this fairly loose for you to take your own liberties... I'll see if I can get a list worked up for you. I'm practically a Khorne only player so my prepared lists deal with only Khorne based units. Zerkers, Terminators with IoK, Kharn and Mark of Khorne Daemon Princes.

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    Without going into specifics, a list could include:

    DP with wings

    5 x Terminators (Heavy flamer and combi weapons)

    10 x CSM

    10 x CSM (Fist and 2 x special weapons + icon of chaos glory is a good place to start)

    10 x Plague marines

    10 x Berzerkers + Rhino

    (Rhinos for the CSM squads depending on play style)



    I'm not sure about points, especially as it depends on how you upgrade your units, but with excess points, more terminators, or a dreadnought if like like them, and maybe more troops.

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