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    Deep Strike Woes

    Why is it, whenever i read a warhammer book that contains space marines or chaos, only one is acctually comparable to the tabletop?

    'The drop pods landed on target with the help of their inertial dampeners. The pod doors swung open and the warriors claped their bolters tightly, unleashing a storm of iron into their foes, still bewilderd by the sudden shock of the landing.'

    now this actually happens!

    Where as Deamons go a little like this:
    'The guardsmen heavily entrenched in their bunkers were blisfully unawear of the forces that conspired against them. The foul deamons of nurgle materialised just meters behind their lines. One by one the guardsmen started to smell the rot emminating from their behind their lines, and each was shocked to discover that the infinate legion of pestilence were right behind them... standing perfectly still... confused, the guardsmen unleashed a volly of las fire and autocannon shells into the deamons, who still just stood their!

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    Uh...not exactly sure what you're insinuating here. Both scenarios sound fairly accurate. Remember, the Space Marines in drop pods can shoot the moment they deep strike in, as can any daemon that has a shooting attack.

    Most Nurgle units, on the other hand, don't have any shooting attacks, so they're going to be shot at for a turn.
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    I too am confused to what you are saying. If something foul suddenly materialized out of thin air behind me, I'd be confused and bewildered too! A Drop Pod crashes down through the atmosphere and lands on the planet. Deep striking is a lot like simply walking through a doorless portal; it makes no sound and doesn't warn anyone on the other side of it. The only thing is, passing from one realm to another disorients the Daemons. In game play this is evident by their inability to move or assault when they come in. The bigger question, I wish could be answered is: why am I so bad at Deep Striking? That is a more pressing question!
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