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    Creating Oblits, Termies, and other stuff On the Cheap!

    Hey there,

    I've been inspired by my own plans for using the AOBR set to save some money, to save a bit more!

    I was wondering if anyone had ideas or methods for creating some of the more expensive chaos space marine models; like the oblits, and terminators. Seems like if there's some way to convert these from our regular marines we could save a pile of thrones to be spent elsewhere!

    So...any ideas?

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    I got my obliterators off e-bay, but if you want to convert them then terminators are the best models to use as a base for them. If you have any special or heavy weapons left over from other units then these can be affixed simply to the terminator models with some green-stuff and a bit of cutting. More green-stuff can then be used for the fleshy stuff that covers them, especially on these joins, I'm sure that you can find plenty of pictures, or that someone else has some they can share. If you are short of special weapons, then there are numerous bits sites, some better value than others, and for plasma or melta weapons, games workshop sell some in packs of 5 I think. Check under the space marine bits. Plasma pistols can be used for plasma weapons on oblits.

    For terminators, you will probably want to replace some of the power fists with power weapons, if you don't have any left over then again try bits sites, or warriors of chaos also provide many power weapon looking pieces. If you want combi-weapons then plasma pistols are useful again, I believe there is a tutorial somewhere on this site, oter special wepons could be used instead, but may require a little more work. You will need to remove things like purity seals, and depending on your sculpting abilities you can add some chaos details of your own, otherwise it's back to you spares and to bits sites.

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