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    Help putting a bloodthrist together

    ok what the best way to put a bloodthirster together i've tried green stuff and super glue and pining. Pining has worked well just some parts are to small to drill and make pins on it like the wings and whip arm. The wings and arms seem just way to heavy for anything to hold any help would be helpful.

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    When I did the metal bloodthirster (awful model btw) i pinned the wings.. I used 2mm brass rod and made the pin holes as deep as I could in the actual wings and then about 2-3 cm deep into the body.. I use a dremmel drill for pinning so its nice and quick

    To maximize your pinning effectiveness you want to have the pin holes as snug as possible.. which is quite difficult when doing these sort of blind pin holes.. I discovered a very useful tactic for things like wings
    1. drill the pin hole for the wing
    2. take a piece of blue-tac, moisten the drilled pin hole and add the blue-tac over it
    3. assemble the wing into its slot, with the blu-tac (non wet side) going in first - push together hard
    4. remove wing - you should see the blue tac stick in the wing slot with a nice protrusion where the pin hole was on the wing piece... stick you drill into this at the exact angle and you should have a perfect pin hole match

    Usually for things like that i tend to either use 2 part epoxy or greenstuff as the glue in the gaps along with the pins which themselves are superglued into place.. the greenstuff works really nicely as the sticky stuff as it's not as messy as the epoxy.. also if you're using superglue on the pins, using the greenstuff means that you can paint that over (the greenstuff) and it doesn't make a mess

    You'll need to leave it in position for at least 12 hours so that everything sets nicely, you'll want to support the wings so that they don't move, pencils propped against the wings from each side should do the trick... essentially you want as little stress on the joint as possible before the glue sets... if i remember correctly i had to do each wing separately so it took a while

    That model is a right pain (IMHO) and so is the reason why i've converted the Forgeworld Khorne Monstrous Creature with a set of the Dragon Wings...

    Good luck
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