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    Trimming the Fat

    Does anyone out there still use Bloodletters or Daemonettes? To tell you the truth, I've never liked the Daemonettes, but not so of the Bloodletters, whom I really used to like. I have about 20 Bloodletters and 10 Daemonettes I just never use anymore. My typical list is loaded with Pink Horrors and/ or Plaguebearers. It's been said a million times but the Bloodletters are too expensive and die too quickly to be effective (don't get me wrong, if you get these guys into cc, they are second to none). Daemonettes are cheap, but seem to underachieve and die too quickly. To me, the Daemons seems to have a few "duds" as far as units are concerned like Bloodletters, Daemonettes, Beasts of Nurgle, Furies. I bought a Bloodthirster and have had horrible luck every time I've used the expensive little thing. It dies easily for a 250 point model I find. Now I usually use Hearlds of Tzeentch and Fateweaver. I guess every codex has it's good and not so good units. I'm just wondering if anyone has had luck with these units lately and how they are doing it.

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    I've never found a use for Daemonettes. Fiends and Seekers are both a lot better, for very little additional cost. Bloodletters, on the other hand, aren't bad at holding objectives in larger point games, as long as the objective is in terrain.

    They're T4 with a 3+ cover save (no reason not to go to ground), a 5+ invulnerable if they can't use the cover, and they can't be scared off through shooting. If anything assaults them without grenades, the bloodletters go first, and in any case they strike the same time as marines. I wouldn't use more than 6-8 of them though, to keep their cost down.

    I've never liked Bloodthirsters. Great Unclean Ones and Keepers of Secrets are more cost effective, and kitted out Daemon Princes of Nurgle are just flat out 'better' flying assault units.
    "Any job worth doing, is worth doing with a powerklaw."

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    Son of LO ericismyname's Avatar
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    I use them every game, 20+ usually. they can take a hit and dish out twice as hard.

    Of course I never play without fateweaver, so i dont worry about them getting shot too much.

    And I would never say the prince of nurgle with wings is better than a blood thirster. you kidding me?

    WS10> ws6-7, S-7-9 > 6-7, Same T, more wounds, higher I, same LD.

    The thirster has furious charge and a better inv save. The only thing the prince has on him is grenades and always wound on 2+. Except the thirster always wounds on a 2+ as well and has blessing of blood god.
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