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    Questions on Daemons

    Hello to all monsters of the warp. I am considering on starting a Daemon army, for I play chaos marines so this must be the most illogical step (unless you follow tzeentch). So I have a few questions.

    1) are you able to use units with other marks, for example plaguebearers and the bloodletters in an army?

    2) are the shooting attacks psychic or not?

    Thanks in advance for answering these questions.

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    Hi, and welcome to Daemons.

    1) Any units/Marks can be used/mixed in any Daemons Army and in most cases you'll find it difficult to win any games unless you do mix it up. (One caveat is that an IC with one Mark (or none) cannot lead/join a unit with another Mark. (Dex p27, "Demonic Rivalry")

    2) Codex (p73, first paragraph) states categorically that all the Daemonic abilities / Gifts are considered to be Wargear, not Psychic powers, and are therefore immune to Psychic Hoods, etc, and do not require a Psychic test to use them.

    hope this helps
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