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    Grey Knight Tactica needed

    I do not do too bad as a CSM player, I really don't. But my first game against the Grey Knights at 2000 points (almost my entire army, so I didn't have many other choices in units), I got creamed. Creamed is really a nice way of saying it, the game wasn't even close. By far and away the worst pasting I have ever had in any game against any army. Albeit there were some problems: my opponent was playing knights for the first time and claimed a 2+ invulnerable save with his Paladins and Draigo against ranged weapons. Also, there was some question (yet unanswered) if he could use a Servo Skull to lessen the scatter of his Orbital Strike or not. That aside, I took lots of firepower; Lascannons on my Predator, Obits, Lascannons on my Defiler, melta anywhere I could including 4 Chosen with meltas and one with Missile launcher, plasma anywhere I could as well. I got pasted. So, I would like to hear from some people who may have had some success against the GK's. I hear a double lash is still a good way to go, but isn't the GK's good against Psykers? My game might well have been different if his Paladins didn't have the 2+ invulnerable against my heavy firepower. That aside I need help.

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    He cheated hard,
    Paladins and Draigo do not have 2+ invo from shooting. Draigo has a +3 from a storm shield then rest have 5+ from termies. Tho in CQB they can get ONE guy with a 2+ invo.
    The FAQ out now says he can not use the servo skulls for Orbital Strikes.

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