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    Special Characters...

    Hi all.

    I was thinking about getting a discussion on our Special Chars up on this thread. They'e becomming more common (at least in my area) and we have a lot of them in our army. So, what do you think of SCs? I'll start off with my comments on Abbadon.

    He's resilient (terminator armour, 4++ Eternal Warrior, Mark of Nurgle) has an I6 Strength 8 Daemon weapon and recently decked Logan Grimnir so hard in a game that he became an alternate basing supply for GW.
    However, using him is difficult as the unit he's in is most likley going to be shot at...a lot, whether deep striking or in a Land Raider. He's a big points investment and slightly unreliable, however he can often survive quite well despite this and the opponent really has to focus on him to take him down.

    I would also go on about Ahriman but I'm slightly biased when it comes to TS....

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    In my opinion all special characters that do not have Eternal Warrior are a waste of points. And abbaddon costs to much for what he does so he's also a waste of points.

    Kharn is the only one I would dare to take because he actually can kill stuff in combat and can also open a transport if need be while not costing more then a land raider.
    "Iron Within, Iron Without"

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