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    Slaaneshi counts as?

    No, this is not harkoning back to the days of the Juan Diaz slaaneshi daemons (although I do still miss them. ALOT!) but instead finding an alternative for the Daemons list.

    For those of you who don't know, back in third edition codex I ran a pure daemons list that had nothing but Slaaneshi daemons.

    I've been looking back at those days with (probably rose tinted) happiness. Unfortunately, the current daemons book fills me with alot of ire. No matter what I do I just can't seem to get it to work. And much like it's powered armoured cousin theres a few units that you have to take in order to make a competitive list.

    So, it got me to thinking. I don't really like how the current slaaneshi Daemons work - they feel a little too bland. But what else can I do? I enjoy my daemons and my chaos, and want to continue with them for modelling purposes at least until we see what is next on the horizon.

    So an alternate army list is in order.

    After Flicking through the various books I found the tyranids to my liking.

    Genestealers can be used as daemonettes thanks to their rending claws. Broodlords as Heralds. The increased toughness compensating for the lack of invulnerable saves. The Broodlords are essentially siren for this edition, stopping someone that I don't like from attacking, their minds filled with slaanesh goodness. The mycetic spores can be portals to the Warp opening, mutating the very ground to grow claws and tentecles.

    I see the Doom as the Masque. Albeit a stronger version, she forces those around her to dance to themselves to exhaustion. In a similar way, the Swarmlord makes a good stand in for a Keeper of secrets thanks to it's numerous psychic powers and competant combat abilities.

    Daemon princes can become carnifexs with a little imagination.

    Thoughts? Or am I just being stupid?

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    You do realise that the Tyranid book is almost as badly gimped as our own codex is right?!
    It's a well balanced book for sure, but it's also a bit underwelming and it doesn't play very well at all in 5th ed's 'mech fest' environment... Just like us, 'nids can win games and be competitive, but their list is just as restrictive as our is.

    'Stealers are the main units most 'nids lists seem to rely on, along with the swarmlord. But 'fexes suck big time - too costly for what you get and tervigons for example are the prefered MC because they're scoring and can keep the gribblies coming by spawning new units.

    I think it's a very cool idea, but I wouldn't expect miracles from the 'nid book... For now, us true servents of Chaos get to suck on it because GW is content to let the speesh mahreen lover write the bulk of the 40k 'dexes.

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    Go with Trygons for your Daemon Princes instead, more useful and more snake-y. You could also use Raveners as Fiends or Seeker stand-ins.

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