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    Daemon Battleforce for competitive list

    Hi everyone,

    Ive been looking at starting daemons for a little while, and my friend has signed me up for a doubles tournament that requires your entire force to be built out of bits from your chosen armies battleforce.

    I thought this would be a great chance for me to start the daemons, but just how competitive could you make the battleforce?

    My biggest concern would be if i come up against an army that is very heavy on the firepower side, so that the turn i deploy, i just get decimated.

    Any help is appreciated,


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    Well, the only HQ you can make from our battleforce is a Herald, which sucks because there aren't pieces for Chariots. Otherwise, the battleforce gives a good but fragile force, one that is almost entirely close-combat oriented. I'd say:

    Tzeentch herald w/Bolt/We are Legion and Icon
    Group of 4 Horrors w/Bolt (herald goes here)
    Group of 5 Horrors w/Bolt
    Group of 10 Daemonettes
    Group of 20 Bloodletters w/Icon
    Group of 5 Seekers

    Put the Bloodletters, Herald unit and Daemonettes into the first wave. Deepstrike the Herald unit onto an objective, Bloodletters and Daemonettes close to cover so they can run to it after deploying. Place the Daemonettes behind the Bloodletters for a cover save, and try and camp them on an objective that is in cover. Target transports with the Horror units, and don't charge the Seekers into anything that is more than half strength.

    The main difficulty with the battleforce is, like most Daemon lists, the anti-tank. Splitting the Horrors into two groups and having a Tzeentch herald will give you three Bolts for your anti-tank, as your only other hope for anti-tank is hoping to glance rear armour with Bloodletters or getting amazing rending rolls with the Slaaneshi units.

    O, and sacrifice to all the Chaos gods that you get your preferred waves, amazing deepstrike rolls and second turn.

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    What force is your team mate planning on using? If possible, get him to bring the guns - lots of guns, because daemonic shooting overall is the worst in the game... (only horrors, flamers, soul grinders, daemon princes, heralds & greaters get shooting options.)

    I'd honestly go for something like;
    HQ: herald of tzeentch w/bolt, we are legion, master of sorcery (plunk him in the horror squad, use legion ability to go after vehicles while the squad shoots infantry)
    herald of khorne w/unholy might

    HQ: herald of slaanesh w/unholy might, transfixing gaze. (could add pavane, but her low BS hurts)

    9x horrors w/bolt, the changeling, icon of chaos. (plant on an objective and use the icon to bring in your reserve units)
    9x 'letters (first wave unit, use 'em to go after target softened up by the pinkies and/or team mate's shooting)
    10x 'letters (put herald of khorne here.)
    9x daemonettes, transfixing gaze. (gaze is fun! use this unit to go after more dangerous units since you can take away 2 attacks)

    Fast: 5x seekers. (pretty squishy, but they're damn fast and rending helps!)

    Your half of the army should be treated like the hammer blow. Let your team mate stick to the shooting, use the daemons to slaughter those units that have been softened up a bit first!
    And yes, prey you get your prefered wave!

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