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    Getting my friend in to war hammer 40k

    hello i was just wonder how is there a good way to get my friend into 40k. he really likes chaos sm. I was just wonder what would be a fun semi competitive list ranging from 500, 750, 1000 points. I want to start semi small so he doesn't get to over his head with to much info so i was wonder what would be the best things to start to get for him. Like a good core unit that's fair all around and a good cheap hq.

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    Luckily, one of the best things for Chaos Space Marines is that many of the basic units are really effective and easy to use. Berzerkers and Plague Marines are considered some of, if not the, best core troops in the game, and the regular CSM is a great jack-of-all-trades, and superior to the regular Space Marine (has an extra attack). Plus, our HQs are powerful and pretty cheap for what they can do; Daemon Princes are, again, considered one of if not the best HQ available, and giving a Chaos Lord a Daemon Weapon turns him into an awesome reaper of death.

    Sticking close to what the Chaos Battle Force has is a good way to start someone off. Regular CSM and Berzerkers are easy to use, and are very useful. Get one unit of each, ten men in each and a Rhino for each squad, and then buy one of the regular Lords. Without any upgrades, that would get him 520 points (meaning he'd only have to drop one Khorne Berzerker to get to 499, and he could then stick the Lord in with them), which is a good, balanced starter army, and then getting champions and other weapon upgrades can easily get you up to 750 points. If he wants to upgrade to 1000 points, then a Defiler or a couple of Predators or Obliterators would be a good way to go from there.
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    I totally agree with Marius, and strongly recommend the basic Chaos Space Marines Battleforce

    "This boxed set contains 15 Chaos Space Marines (includes 1 Chaos Space Marine Champion, 1 Chaos Space Marine Icon Bearer, 1 Chaos Space Marine with heavy bolter and 1 Chaos Space Marine with plasma gun), 5 Possessed Chaos Space Marines (includes 1 Possessed Chaos Space Marine Champion), 8 Khorne Berserkers (includes 1 Skull Champion) and 1 Chaos Space Marine Rhino"

    Buy a pack of 40k Bitz Meltaguns at the same time. You are order them from GW or via a GW shop: Meltaguns | Games Workshop

    Most CSM players really don't like Possessed CSMs. However the models are fantastic, and you get plenty of spares bits with them. You can use them to make great models that work with the rest of the army.

    So you get 15 basic CSM. Ignore the Heavy Bolter as you will never field it. Use the legs and body (plus backpack and head) from a Possessed, to make the Aspiring Champion (with a Power Fist) for a squad of 10 CSMs - 9 CSMs + 1 Aspiring CSM. Give two of these CSMs Meltaguns.

    This leaves 6 CSM.

    Make another Possessed into a Skull Champion (with Power Fist but no Plasma Pistol) for your Berserkers. This gives you 8+1 Berserkers.

    You now have 3 Possessed CSMs left.

    Use one, with one of the Winged backpacks. Give it an arm with a Power Weapon (a sword with no 'teeth') and an arm with a Bolt Pistol - this is your Winged Chaos Lord with Power Weapon or Daemon Weapon.

    Now you have 2 Possessed and 6 CSM left; so another Possessed body will make you another CSM Aspiring Champion (but you'll need a Power Fist for it). You could use a Possessed arm and bulk it up to look like a Fist.

    For the 6 CSMs, give one the Plasmagun. Keep the other Meltaguns until you get some more CSMs or some Plague Marines. You could trade one for a Plasmagun.

    Use the last Possessed exactly as the Lord's build. This is your Winger Chaos SM Sorcerer.

    With the Rhino, try an make it so you can field it with or without the Havoc Launcher (this gives you choices when you make your list).

    Get another Rhino as soon as you can, preferably two more actually.

    Do not get rid of any spare bits you have left. Keep all legs, heads, arms, weapons, vehicle bits etc. They may come in very useful as you get more models.

    So you end up with:

    Lord: Wings, Daemon Weapon [150pts]
    Sorcerer: Mark of Slaanesh, Wings, Lash of Submission [145pts]
    10 CSMs: 2x Meltaguns, and the Champ has a Power Fist [210pts] You should probably give the an Icon of Chaos Glory too.
    6 CSMs: 1x Plasmagun [105pts]
    1x Rhino with extra Bolter or Havoc Launcher [40/50pts]
    9 Berzerkers: Champ has Power Fist [229pts]
    Total: 879/889pts

    Then buy 2 more Rhinos so all the squads can be mounted in vehicles.

    The Lord and Sorcerer can ride in Rhinos too, even with the wings.

    Hope this helps!

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    I would agree with everything above, it is a very comprehensive and useful guide.
    From there I'd get 1 (if not 2) more rhino(es) and then a defiler (you could go with predators/obliterators instead, but I prefer the defiler). You could follow this up with more heavy support or a unit of terminators (or chosen) and another unit of troops (maybe plague marines) in a rhino.
    Later he could get a DP if he wants to play competitively, or stick with the HQs he has if he likes them.
    By the way, this thread could be useful if he goes for terminators.
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