Just a little rundown of a game I played last week that really goes to show you just how fickle a master Tzeentch really is...

Was a 1500pts game vs an Orky mate, our forces were;
HQ - HoT w/Bolt, Legion, Master 'o Sorcery
HoK w/Might, Ironhide, Blessings (was also looking for a pick-up game as and GK's are everywhere in my area!)

Elites - 2x 3 Flamers
4 Fiends inclu Might

Troops - 18 Pinkies w/Changeling, Icon (Tzherald went here)
2x9 Pinkies w/Bolt
16x Bloodletters w/Icon, Instrument (HoK went here)

HQ - Warboss on bike w/klaw
Big Mek w/KFF

Elites - 2x 15 Lootas

Troops - 8x Nob Bikers w/Painboy, 3x Big choppa, 4x Klaw
30x Slugga Boyz w/Nob, klaw, bosspole

We were playing Capture & Control w/5 objectives & Spearhead deployment. Terrain was basically a bunch of hills scattered about - my buddy had 2 large hills in his deployment zone about 8" apart and he used these to deploy his lootas. The Boyz went in a conga line between the two hills and the big mek joined them, while the bikerz deployed on his flank towards the center of the table.

I got my prefered half! (thank-you Lord Tzeentch!) But then my mate won the dice roll for first turn and gave me the honours... (thanks not-so-much Tzeentch!)

Turn 1:
I dropped in with a unit of Flamers to try and land some early wounds on those nobz and hit only 1.5" away from them. The big squad of 18 pinkies w/herald landed well back to try and tease the nobz to charge forwards while a squad of 9 pinkies landed among some ruined pillars & an objective with the fiends deploying to their flank in an effort to take on the boyz by hitting the far end of their formation.
Shooting started well, the pinkies in the ruins caused 9 wounds (how appropriate!) and killed 7 lootas from the nearer squad. Shooting died when the Flamers caused a total of 23 hits to the bikers but rolled only 7 wounds which put a wound on both a big choppa & power klaw nob.
The large squad ran 1" to stumble apart, the fiends also stubbed their toes 1" forwards.

The Orks scooted forwards with the bikers who then turned to shot the Flamers. The Boyz continued to conga-line around the forward hill, (just as I planned!)
Orky shooting was less than spectacular as the Lootas both rolled only 1 shot a pieces. Collectively the Lootas put 2 wounds on my unit of 9 pinkies and a wound on a fiend. Those Flamers exploded spetacularly as the bikerz hit them with 21 of their 24 shots! Rolling to wound caused only 13 wounds, but i failed 4 saves. (so close - why do you tease me like this Tzeentch!?)

No assaults this turn.

Turn 2:
Rolled for my reserves, the pinkies & flamers were too busy having some kind of Minion'esq argument over who's the burniest, while the Herald & Bloodletters told me to piss-off! (I rolled a 2 & 3 for the Tzeentch units and a 1 for the Khorne blob)
The large unit of pinkies spread out & moved back a little in order to get their Icon in a favourable position for the Bloodletters to drop in and counter-charge the on-coming nobz AND to stay out of combat this turn! The Pinkies in the ruins spread out to ensure they made full use of the cover and get that I10 in case they got assaulted. The Fiends went farwards with the intention of hitting the far end of the strung-out boyz.

Shooting resulted in the front squad of Lootas being brought down to just 3 who then legged it home with a failed moral check. The Fiends ran 6" which would hopefully put them just within range of the Boyz.

I declared a charge with fiends and thus we measured and they were just in range by about half an inch! So on into the strung out boyz they went. After pile-in moves, only 17'ish of the Boyz could attack this round as the others were well out of range. Suffice to say, the results were less than promising as the Fiend w/might rolled three 1's to-wound on 4 hits! in the end, 9 Orks fell as of the 9 wounds I caused, 7 were rending! (because orky saves are so scary apparently!) The Boyz struck back with only 40-50'ish odd attacks, which caused just 8 wounds to the unit. Rolling the 6 saves for the 3 chumpies, (including the wounded fiend), I rolled just a single save! (insteret Minion'esq 'ah poop' here) Then rolled for the 2 wounds on the fiend with might, rolled snake-eyes...
I could here Tzeentch laughing in hystarics at this point.

The Orky turn was pretty brief. The Boyz who had unbelievably squashed the fiends moved to get back into a more favourable formation. The bikers hurtled towards the large unit of pinkies+ herald.
Guns blazing, the bikers shot at the large unit of pinkies an killed a couple. The Lootas were quite impressive this turn; of their 15 shots, they hit with 11! (my mate is *really* scary with orky shooting!) I lost 5 more pinkies from the 9-strong squad leaving just 2 left - a chumpy & the iridescent horror w/Bolt. However, my iridescent horror did pass both his 4++ saves! The Boyz tried to kill the last 2 pinkies, but both wounds they caused were saved.

Turn 3:
Rolling for my reserves... The second squad of 9 pinkies came down right in front of the bikers to act as a rather handy screen. The Flamers also decided to show up, but badly missed their intended target, (the Lootas who were oh so beautifully packed together), and scattered 8" towards the short table edge. The Bloodletters... rolled a 1. (I could hear Tzeentch giggling in my ear...)
My movement was non-existant to say the least!

Shooting time, the Flamers were still in range with their warpfire and incinerated only 2 lootas thanks to some jammy 5+ cover saves on my buddy's part. The newly arrived horrors used a run move to spread out and ensure the nobz couldn't get around them and into my Icon.
The 2 lonely pinkies opened up on the nobz, the warpfire doing nothing, but the Bolt of Tzeentch shot claimed a big choppa nob! The large squad blasted away, the warpfire shots killed both the wounded nobz, while the Herald's own Bolt killed another! The nobz of corse passed their moral check...

On the ork turn, the boyz surged forwards with the intent of wiping out the last 2 pinkies in the ruins, but a bad difficult terrain roll left them stranded on the hill well short of any possible charge. The Nobz went after the 9-strong pinkie squad.
Shooting was pretty scary again! The Lootas finally rolled a 6 for their shots and sent 39 shots into the 9-strong pinkie squad in the hopes of wiping them out and thus opening up room for the nobz to get at my last big threat. The lootas hit with far too many shots and caused a staggering 17 or so wounds! I was left with 2 pinkies luckily thanks to Tzeentch blessing my saves, and so the nobz opened up but killed nothing. (5 of 5 wounds saved!)
The last shots were 14 slugga shots from the boyz into the last 2 pinkies among the ruins. Each pinkie was wounded, and both passed their saves! (unit of the game right here!)

The nobz assaulted in to finish off the pinkies screening my big unit, and while both were easily squished, the Painboy who had been forced to assault through a rocky outcrop wounded himself on the dangerous terrain test!

Turn 4:
Game on the line here - I REALLY need those worthless bloodletters to show up right now! I picked-up my blood red dice for luck... can you guess what happens next? (insert another Minion'esq 'ah poop' here) Tzeentch was rolling on the floor laughing at this point.

The Flamers jumped forwards to toast the Lootas while the large unit of Pinkies looked about wondering why the super-killy-squad-of-angry-bloody-death were sitting in the warp playing sad panada all of a sudden.
The Flamers only managed 28 hits on the remaining 13 lootas, 1 ork actually managed to survive too! He decided that a burny death wouldn't be too much fun and legged it!
The 2 pinkies who had been flipping the bird to the entire ork army the past couple of turns shot at the nobs, and the iridescent horror's Bolt claimed another victim! The large unit now down to only 13 or so hit with a respectable number of shots, but only put a wound on a power klaw thanks to some timely FnP saves.

The Orks began by moving the boyz right upto the edge of the ruins where the two pinkies were camped out and the nobz zipped right up to within 1" of my other unit.
The Boyz shot at the 2 lonely horrors and put 2 wounds on each. The chumpie passed both his saves, but the iridescent horror failed one of his and so he died. (Noooooooooo! not you Boltie!!!) The Nobz shooting brought my large squad down to 11 + herald before charging in.

The Painboy was actually the only ork left without a power klaw and after flubbing all but 1 attack which landed a kill, my remaining horrors struck back and actually killed the painboy! (Ha! WS2 rulez!!!)
The orks struck back killing 5 more which left me a 'no retreat' save per model left in my unit. I lost 1 more chumpie and a wound on the herald, but crucially my Icon bearer passed his save.

Oh, the last pinkie in the ruins only faced down about 50+ odd S4 attacks. Tzeentch winced a wee bit at this point, but thought the multi-coloured smear looked rather artistic!

Turn 5:
All I can say is, thank-god this isn't 4th edition anymore!!! Those 'I-don't-give-a-crap-letters' automatically showed up this turn, but just for kicks we rolled a reserve roll... (Like I said, thank god this isn't 4th edtion anymore!)

The Flamers scooted forwards some more, but couldn't make it into range with their breath of chaos so instead shot their warpfire at the boyz mob. Rolling 5 1's to-hit didn't help the cause much and only 2 boyz died.
Combat was pretty one-sided with the nobz who took no damage and killed a couple more pinkies, leaving me with just the Icon bearer, 1 chumpie and a wounded Herald.

The Ork turn was also equally swift as the boyz legged it towards the central objective. They turned a fired a couple of shots at the flamers but missed with all but one shot which was saved.
The Nobz wiped out the last of the pinkies in combat with them, but not before my Herald cackled madly and blew a big fat raspberry before popping back safely into the warp! (he failed his no retreat saves so, it's not like he actually got smacked silly!)

The Bloodletters and the Herald of Khorne looked on with savage glee as they were now in range for an easy charge on a Warboss and 3 friends. (one of whom was wounded!)
We rolled to see if the game continue... Take a wild guess what i rolled?!!

Suffice to say, my Tzeentch units preformed amazingly well, even doing damage in combat of all places!
Tzeentch obviously had other ideas though for my fiends & 'bloodlessletters'... Maybe Khorne can take a joke?!