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    Starting Deamons, looking for advice

    So, I decided to begin a deamon army. Why? Well I have been playing 40K and Fantasy for a long time and I wanted to do something very different that usual. I have collected Black Templars and Dark Eldar, these have been my main armies. For fantasy I rock the Tomb Kings!
    Because I have a son on the way (due in a few weeks in fact) I thought that If I where to start a new project it should be one that will not be ultra expensive, so I was thinking duality of purpose (and system) hence... Deamons.

    In 40K they are a nasty army to face but they are not the be all end all. This means that I will be giving myself a challenge when I play them and because the dynamic of the army is so different then it will also keep me entertained.
    In Fantasy deamons are still one of the nastiest armies that you can possibly use, and therefore this would be my main purpose for them, competitive fantasy play. So a lot of my unit choices will reflect their use when played in a competitive fantasy list.

    Anyhow. My brother gave me a few models for my birthday:
    5 Khorne Hounds

    In fantasy these are fantastic! The bloodthirster is a monster in the WHF world and the khorne hounds are not far behind. As for 40K tho, the BT is decent but not always deemed the "best" and the hounds are lackluster (although not against Grey Knights!).
    So a list that I should be working towards in fantasy is this:


    Khorne Herald BSB

    Tzeench Herald

    20 Horrors in unit

    30 Bloodletters in unit

    10-15 Khorne hounds

    12 or so flamers. Maybe less.

    Now, This list that I just posted is brutal in fantasy but I am not sure how to translate it to 40K appropriately to make a game out of my games... So, I was wondering if I could get some insight from the community into how I could mold this into 40K without changing the models too much, or purchasing too many new things.



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    HQ: Blood Thirster with collar 255

    Elite: 3 Flamers 105
    Elite: 3 Flamers 105

    Troops: 10 Horrors + Changeling + Icon 200
    Troops: 5 Horrors + Bolt 95
    Troops: 5 Horrors + Bolt 95
    Troops: 10 Blood Letters 160
    Troops: 10 Blood Letters 160
    Troops: 10 Blood Letters 160

    Fast: 11 Hounds 165

    Total 1500

    To expand them I would look at 6 blood Crushers with all 3 upgrades and a daemon prince of Tzeentch with Bolt & Gaze. This will leave you 60 points to boost a few units or split the hounds into 2x8 with upgrades etc.
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    Well, only thing I can really add onto the excellent advice from Mad Cat would be;

    - Try out 2x 15 'letters as well. 10 is good and all, but with only T4/5++ bloodletters tend to die pretty damn fast to almost any kind of shooting. Two bigger squads would at least give you better odds of having more gribblies reaching combat. Or else the big squad will scare the crap out of your opponent and he'll focus-fire alot more than he should to kill it, thus leaving most of your army relatively unscathed!
    Another tactic as well is to drop your 'letters into cover to at least gain the extra point of cover save.

    - Convert up a chariot for your Tzherald so he can ride in style in 40k! Chariot Tzheralds are gold since they're speedy, very resiliant and can easily get side/rear armour shots on vehicles.

    - Look into adding 3x Screamers for all of 53pts. Most people I find ignore them as they're more focused on the hittier things like the MC's. They can really help tip the scales against mech heavy lists due to their melta bombs!
    Of corse, they are a liability in Kill Points games as people will gun for them for the easy KP.

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