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    Army Building - Friend Getting into Chaos. Need Suggestions


    So my friend who hasn't played 40K before is looking at getting into it. I personally am a Dark Eldar player so I have no freaking idea what is what with Chaos. He really like the look and concept of Nurgle marines, and we happened to find a guy looking to sell a bunch of nurgle stuff.

    What I need is a few suggestions on what a list with this stuff might look like, what other models it would need to support it, if there is really a need for 44 plague marines...

    Suggestions for the 1000, 1500, and 1850 range all appreciated..probably focus more on the 1500ish for now.

    1x Daemon Prince with Sword – Pro Painted
    4x Chaos Standard Bearers – Assembled and Primed
    10x Plague Champions (current metal) – 1 with combi plasma and pf, 3 with combi melta and pf, 5 with pf, 1 with combi flamer and pf
    37x plague marines (current metal ) – 6 with melta, 2 with plasma, 4 with flamer, 25 with standard weapons.
    7x OOP Metal Plague Marines – Painted
    14x OOP Plastic Plague Marines – Painted
    1x Chaos Dread OOP metal
    1x Typhus – Converted a little bit

    Thanks guys!

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    2 -3 rhinos will be high on the list. Plague Marines are tough, but you have to get close to the enemy to hurt them plus grabbing objectives.

    Heavy Support: Obliterators, Defilers and/or Predators.
    With the FAQ on 45 degree for fire frenzy, the Dread is pseudo Heavy Support. My rule of thumb is 1 Heavy at 1000, 2 at 1500 and 3 at 1850.

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    heres summit i would do for 1000

    prince mark of nurgle wings and wind of chaos thats about 160 (not sure on points for the mark and spell)

    7 plague with 2 plasma 191
    7 plague with 2 melta (rhino) 181 (216)
    7 plague with 2 melta (rhino) 181 (206)
    7 plague with 2 flamer (rhino) 171 (196)

    thats 969 points with the rhinos so if my points are off then that covers that. keep the 1st squad at back as the plasma are rapid fire. the others just charge on up. with the spare points id put combi weapobns on the rhinos (combi plamsa best) this is an extra 30 points putting you at 996 points

    for 1500 points

    id add
    chosen with 2 melta 2 flamer champ with combi melta and power fist mark of nurgle 205 (with rhino its 240 )
    defiler 150
    chaos dread for 110 (again not sure on price but get it to this price)

    this will put you 1469 with rhinos and 1496 with 3 combi weapons on the 3 rhinos

    main opjective is rush the enamy move up with everything apart from 1 squad outflank with the chosen and you got a very hard army to beat (unless you fight de with their dam poison weapons lol)

    hope this helps

    ps this is what i would do
    The art of war is simple enough. Find out where your enemy is. Get at him as soon as you can. Strike him as hard as you can, and keep moving.

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    951 (x8)

    HQ: Prince, MoN, wings, Doombolt 160
    Troops: 6 PMs, 2 plasma 168
    Troops: 6 PMs, 2 plasma 168
    Troops: 6 PMs, 2 melta PF champ + Rhino combibolter 238
    Troops: 7 PMs, 2 melta PF champ + Rhino combimelta 266
    Total 1000

    Then add 2 oblits, 1 AC/2LC preds and upgrade the squads to 7 each and a defiler to get to 1500.

    Then add more troops and maybe more preds/dreads or some termies for 2000 points
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