S'sussurus, "The Silent Killer" - Slaaneshi Greater Daemon (New Daemon Character) - Warhammer 40K Fantasy

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    S'sussurus, "The Silent Killer" - Slaaneshi Greater Daemon (New Daemon Character)

    Here is my Necron special character for the special character contest.

    Here's another new, custom HQ that I created. We have Kugath, Skarbrand and Kairos. The only unique greater daemon we don't have is a Keeper of Secret character. Enter S'sussurus. Imagine the Forgeworld Daemonlord, Zaraknyel and that is the look I am aiming for. Or you can just use a KoS model if you want.


    Aka "Death Come Quickly", "The Silent Killer"

    The Keeper of Secret, S'sussurus, is considered to be one of the greatest generals of Lord Slaanesh. Among the forces of Chaos, she is more well-known for her martial prowess and ambition than for anything else. S'sussurus has seduced and killed countless rivals on her path to becoming one of Slaanesh's greatest generals as well as corrupted many a mortal. So deadly is she in combat that even a Bloodthirster would do well to avoid her wrath. The only thing keeping her ascension to Daemonlord-ship is her own ambition and narcissism. There is no one other than her master that she views as her equal. Thus, she has alienated and made enemy of many within the ranks of Slaanesh.

    S'sussurus is a Daemon HQ selection.

    S'sussurus . . . . . 325pts

    WS:9, BS:4, S:6, T:6, W:5, I:10, A:6, Ld:10, Sv:4+ Invuln

    Unit Type: Monstrous Creature

    Number/squad: Unique (Character)

    Daemonic Gifts: Aura of Acquiescence

    Special Rules: Daemon, Gift of Slaanesh, Fleet, Souleater, Swift and Deadly

    Gift of Slaanesh: S'sussurus has the ability to coax daemons beyond their normal capacity with her promises of glory and carnage.

    At the beginning of the Shooting phase, S'sussurus may nominate any friendly model within 12" of her. That unit receives the Fleet USR until the end of the owning daemon player's turn. If the unit nominated already has the Fleet USR, then that unit may instead roll 3D6 and pick the highest roll for her Run roll. S'sussurus may use this power on herself.

    Souleater: S'sussurus' daemonic weapon is the Souleater, a long slender blade of terrible power which thirsts for the souls of the innocent.

    Any successful invulnerable saves made against hits inflicted by the Souleater must be re-rolled. In addition, all of the Souleater's attacks inflict Instant Death regardless of the opponent's Toughness.

    Swift and Deadly: S'sussurus is very fast and deadly in assault. Her speed allows her to assault from longer distances as she can very quickly close the gap between her and the enemy.

    S'sussurus may charge an additional +D6" in the Assault phase (i.e. she charges 6" +D6").


    Basis for S'sussurus :

    Keeper of Secrets +200
    +1 WS +15
    +1 W +20
    Gift of Slaanesh +20
    Souleater +50
    Swift and Deadly +20

    Feel free to use her in the Short Story contest.

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