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Thread: Too Much?

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    Now, I ain't the most balanced player...ask anyone, my NL army has 4 fast attack and 2 minimum squads of troops...


    How many 'noughts is pushing it?

    How many upgrades is pushing it? For anything!

    How many troops is pushing it? < I saw a WB player with 6 squads of 20 marines :blink: >

    How many...

    Tell about your experiences in excessive listing...

    *NB: Pushing it = Excessive / A ridiculous proportion...



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    well about exessive use of specific models... if people like a model theyll prolly want as much of those in their army as they can, then they look if its possible, ruleswise, and then they might figure: Hey&#33; why dont i make a whole army out of these&#33; that would be original&#33;
    thats mostly how it goes
    and with the upgrades... well people like to make their models VERY strong, i too have suffered from this in stuffing as much things on my khorne daemon prince as i could, the problem is: if you put too much points in 1 particular unit, you make that unit the most important unit in your army.
    The opponent knows this and if he wants to (termies in low point games) he can focus on it with the right weapons and destroy it before it kills its own worth in enemy points.
    BAM&#33; there goes your 245 point khorne daemon prince, killed by that tau railgun without killing anything, and believe me i speak out of experience :hmm:
    i would rather have a lot of points all spread out evenly on your models, then its not such a big deal if something gets killed
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