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    Tzeech possessed are all sorcerors...although expensive beyond all belief, would it be possible to stick 3 or 4 models with winds of chaos inside the squad?

    Speaking of which, what's the point limit for gifts and whatnot for chosen/possessed that aren't asp. champs?

    Would it be a good idea to take enough chosen to add one to each thousand sons squad to have both an aspiring champ and a chosen so that there could be two "shots" of bolt of change?

    Are chosen worth the points in thousand sons? I know they're all sorc's and so therefore could be a huge squad of doombolt/etc powers but the cost would be enormous pointswise.

    In the inferno bolt entry it mentions that they are special bolter, bolt pistol and combibolter (I think) rounds. Are there any other weapons besides the afore mentioned weapons that can be upgraded to inferno bolts?

    Can a vehicle be given inferno bolts? *if so desperately wishes tzeech could take LRC*

    Is there any way to get storm bolters on terminators or are we stuck with combibolters? (which make the best tzeech minor power absolutely useless)

    Also, what are some good examples of Lords/DP's for tzeech use. I know there's a "standard" setup for khorne/undivided/slaanesh, but is there a lord or dp that is very common for tzeech?

    If I'm going to include a lord of change in a tzeech army (which I would very much like to, considering I just got one for 20$ new) where should I put it? I thought about a flying possessed squad but an asp. champ w/ chains costs over 50 points just by himself.

    Are horrors/flamers useful or are they just a cheap troop choice that doesn't make back it's points?

    Rhino's or no rhino's? The ability to move, disembark and then shoot 24" is appealing but it'd be a one turn thing and a tzeech troop choice is already running at over 200 points minimum (9x24+whatever the champ gets).

    How do tzeech deal with armor or high toughness foes? Without havoks and heavy/special weapons in squads a tzeech army seems like it would have to rely on tanks and dreads.

    Chaos terminators are very individual. If a troop choice is taken as a terminator squad, this clashes fluffwise. Is there a better way to create terminators for thousand sons that look like thousand sons? I've looked at grey knight terminators or deathwing but neither are quite right and I can't figure out what to do for the head pieces.

    If I could get some answers to these questions I'd be eternally happy as I'm seriously considering starting thousand sons.

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    I'm starting out 1k sons too, but since it is my first army I can't help you with any of your troop choice issues, but about that tzeentch termies: check how this guy made them:

    He probably used regular chaos termie armor (or some other) but just added the standard 1k son M head, and shoulder pads instead of the skull shoulder pad, and without any spikes and stuff to go with the tzeentch fancy fluff. Also he added those cool sheets that hang from the belt. I personaly like it - i't not tough to convert I think, anyway it might get you an idea ...
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    you carnt add chosen into normal units
    possesed can ony choose one peice of deamonic wargear as far as im aware from that list you get to choose from?
    ive never taken chosen in my thousonds sons as they are well over priced even though they can be really well equiped and pack a punch
    no veichles carnt be given inerno bolts
    no such thing as a storm bolter in chaos terms its combi bolter all the way (sucks yeah we know)
    i always use a lord of chaos (sorcerer for free of course) and equip him with aload of CCw equipment (power fist etc) disc of tzeentch and the like and bolt of change, and he makes up for the lack of CC in my army, along with lord of change
    get your lord of change to pop out of one of your sorcerers in your normal units
    ive never found a use for deamons in tzeentch army, though they are pretty good for killing light infantry
    no point in rhino&#39;s as your guys can always fire as if standing still, so move forward a bit (however many your test allows you) and fire as you would with the rhino idea
    i deal with high armour (such as tanks) with either bolt of change/lord of change/chaos lord with his power fist

    hope this has helped you, if not sorry and if it helps any in my 1000pts thousonds sons i have:

    chaos sorcerer lord (the usual deamonic stuff e.g strength/resilience,essense etc, power fist for tanks and normal marines, disc of tzeentch, blt of change)
    5 thousound sons (1 sorcerer upgrade with bolt of change, power weapon and strength) x 4
    Lord Of Change

    all sorcerers are equiped same as in our store and tournament people ask to see your army list, and when they see that one guy isnt equiped as well as the others the know that thats the host for your deamon so they open up into that unit and kill the host (which is never good)

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