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    Pray and hope the dice gods are on your side, Generally speaking a deepstriking army should be tailored towards HTH, typically this will get them into assault unmolested and whats more you can't lure them into fire corridors, As an Iron Warrior you would be at a disadvantage because no doubt you will be fielding a balistic army.

    My advice

    put your tanks somewhere they will have firing solutions all over the board and maybe field a HTH squad. ( crap advice I know )

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    Hmm, I've never played against an army that used deepstrike with most or all units, but here's what I'd do:

    Use a small bit of the board where you deploy all your units, 4" between lines, make them cover each other in such a way that the enemy can only hit 1 squad in close combat at a time (try something of a circular form). As you could've guessed: shooting is the key. When they deepstrike they can't charge (except Nids with that seeding swarm or what's it called). Once the termies pop up, welcome them with a lot of bolter and plasma fire. Whatever happens, don't charge, remain stationary to rapid fire. Since all your units are close you can use most of your army to pound on the deepstriking unit(s), so you can probably kill them in one turn.
    Get enough models so you can switch weapons, use plasma/melta weapons against the SM armies, and get some heavy bolters when fighting Nids.
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