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Thread: Ahriman

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    in your opinion what is the minimum point limit that ahriman should be taken in a ts army, i mean i know that under a 1000 point necron army you shouldn't bring a nightbringer, whats the average minimum for taking ahriman?

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    Well I belive that your HQ should cost you around 10% of your army total, so if ever you have a 500 pts army, a Lieutenant is more than enougth. For a 2000 pts army around 200 pts should be enougth for your HQ. So yes, if you have a Thousand Sons army of 2000 pts then Ahriman could be worth taking.

    Is Ahriman worth taking tho... That's another question. When I check him the only difference I see in him is that he can use all the Psychic powers and that he have the Black Staff of Ahriman that give him the possibility to cast 2 powers in the same turn.

    If I take a customized Chaos Sorcerer Lord with everything Ahriman have (except the black staff and with only 2 power of course) he would look something like this.

    Chaos Lord with the mark of Tzeentch
    Bedlam staff
    Bolt Pistol with Inferno Bolts, Frag and Krak grenades
    Talisman of Tzeentch
    Familiar (to have 2 powers)
    Wind of Change

    Total points 169

    So yes, for 1500 pts I would take a customized sorcerer and he would cost around 170 pts with wargear and Daemonic gifts. He would be the leader of a TS squad and his powers would be more than adequate.

    If you have a 2000 pts TS army I really think that Ahriman would be a great lord to have. He really is powerful and the little specials and the ability he have are well worth his cost.

    Maybe if you want to stretch the limit a little bit and take less TS Marines to have an edge in smaller games then you could take him for 1750 pts games but its up to you.

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