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    This is my 2000 poitns army. Comments plz.


    Chaos Sorcerer Lord with

    MoN, Manreaper, T Armor, Warp Talisma, Nurgel's Rot, Nurgling Infestation,
    Demonic Strenght, Essence, Mutation, Furious Chanrge

    Physic Power: Wind of Chaos

    4x Chosen Terminator Retinue, MoN, 2x Chanfist, 2x Power Weapon, Furious Charge

    All in Chaos Land Raider with Smoke Launcher and Plague Carrier [733 points]


    10x Nurgling Bases [100 points]

    2 groups of 7x Plague Marine with 3 bolters and 2 Meltaguns, both with Asp.Champion
    with Plague Swords and Plasma Pistols all with Tank Hunter. All with Mon. [262point]

    2 groups of 5x Plague Marines with 3 bolters and 2 Plasma Guns [230poitns]

    Heavy Support

    5x Plague Marines with 1 Bolter, and 4 Plamsa Guns. All Have MoN [155points]

    2x Drednaughts both with Twin Linked Autocannons
    Mutated Hull, and Parasitic Possession [320poitns]

    All comes to 2000 points.

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    Wow, thats a heavy hitting army.

    But what are you playing against?

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    nice army, but there is a few changes to make.
    1) for the chosen termies they can have reaper autos, so have at least 1, since Death Guard can't have heavy weapons as normal marines, the termies are your best unit w/ heavy weapons. And yes termies can have the reaper auto it is stated somewhere in the new chapter approve.
    2)don't give your asp. champ in the plague amrine squad a plague sword. It is one not smart and two it is a lot better if he has a powerfist. It gives you a chance to take out tanks, b/c power weapons can't do that. And the plague sword is more of a weapon for HQs since it is only really good for is killing only one unit, so you might want to swap and have a powerfist
    3)drop the Land Raider and add mor units. Death Guard are a infantry base army and if you want to stick to their fluff have nits on foot and not transport. Just ahve more 7 amn plague amrine forces since you can get an asp. champ for free.
    4) the 2 groups of 5 plague marines, add 2 more on each squad and ahve then one be asp. champ, take the free asp.champ to your advantage for a Death Guard Army.
    5)drop the havocs and add a defiler. You need alot of fire support for your army and the defiler can do more than a havoc squad of plasmaguns. So get Defiler make it the battle cannon indirect and maybe add a twin-link lascannon and a havoc launcher to it. It now is perfect to protect all of your units that can walk.
    6)you can have two of your plague marine squads in rhinos so they can get into combat alot quicker since that is what they exceed.

    That is pretty much all i think you should do to have a good 2000 pt DG army. Also if you want a better answer I advise to go to Bolter and Chainsword forum area. They have a section dedicated to Death Guard and nurgle players and there is one guy that knows alot about the death Guard, his forum name is kenshin138, he can help you if you want to have a good death guard army.

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