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    i've got a load of questions,
    what does icon bearers fall under?
    HQ? Elites? troops? fast attack? heavy support?
    i can't find it in the codex
    does the icon bearer bear an icon as in a daemon icon?
    re possessed chaos space marines, just space marines which are stated by you when playing a game possessed?
    what are 'chosen'?
    and can scorcerer lords and scorcerers take as many psycic abilities as they want or just one unless they have a familiar - as long as they don't pass their limit:
    a chaos lord 50 pts daemonic gifts (100 if daemon price), 150 pts the rest. scorcerer or any other available characters 75 pts rest, 50 pts daemonic gifts.
    can any character who can get stuff from the armory get daemon weapons only if they have 'terminator armor'?
    is the warhammer rule book the only scource with pictures of what weapons look like or does something else have pictures of weapons?

    thank you i just found one answer in the special rules


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    okay cool it.

    First welcome to the chaos board, at the top there are several chaos tactica's I suggest you read them first, most of your question will be answered by it.

    1.- iconbearers are parts of the same unit they belong to.
    2.- they bear a normal icon, no special rules, just there for summoning.
    3.- no, posessed use the entry for the chaos codex
    4.- chosen are the elite troops of chaos
    5.- no, the amount of mayor. psychic powers it detailed in the codex, the number of minor psychic powers in unlimited, it has nothing to do with the wargear limit.
    6.- NO, deamonweapons have a 0-1 limit on them, but they can be carried by a character in terminator armour.
    7.- the codex has also more than enough pics of weapons in them.

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