collect chaos undivided and this is what i have so far

hq: Daemon prince 185 led by terminator squad below.
wepons:dark blade,combi-bolter
skills:demonic rune,bioncs,terminator,demonic essence,demonic strength,demonic resiliance,

sqaud1: 9 chaos marines with chain swords and bolt pistols and frag and krak grenades , 1 aspiring champion with plasma pistol / 170 points
squad2:13 chaos marines 11 with bolters , 1 with heavy bolter, 1 with plasma pistol, and one aspiring chapion with plasma pistol / 269

fast attack:
sqaud raptor: 5 raptors 1 with melta and one with plasma pistol nwith frag and krak grenades / 165
sqaud bike : 4 biker with frags grenades / 139

heavy support:
chaos drednaught with plasma cannon / 115
chaos defiler: with havoc launcher / 160

elites:5 terminator ,1 with reaper-auto cannon and power fist
1 terminator with combi-flamer ,1 terminator with combi melta and chain-fist/228
Chaos rhino:pintle combi-bolter (with sqaud 1) /6

thank you