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    Since it's pretty easy to make DPs and such fairly expensive because of all the daemonic goodies, what are some guidelines you guys use for determining how much your HQ should cost? In my 1000 point army, I had a 140 point DP, which seemed a bit expensive to me after I looked at the points, but each gift seemed to help him fulfill the role I wanted him to do, so I left him as he was. Any of you have any guidelines when you design your HQ? I.e, 500 point game: 100 points or less, 1000 point game: 150 points or less, etc? Just wondering, since it's easy to sink points into them when they may be better spent elsewhere.


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    10% of points per hq slot is pretty reasonable. You don't want to throw in 25% of your points (can be done @1000 pts) into 1 model, and have it nailed by str 10 VC, Railgun, Vindicator, etc... You can get away with a few more points if the model isn't a DP (since it can't be singled out in shooting), but then you have to worry about powerfists.

    So, if you take 2 HQ then 20% of your points would be putting it on the high-side of what you should spend on HQ.

    Of course everyone has their opinions, and some love to run the baddest of the bad HQ's, but like previously stated, there is a chance someone brought something bigger (like a c'tan, or those previously stated Str 10 weapons).

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    Up to 750 points you should go for a leiutanant, about 100 points ish. Probably not worth giving him a daemon weapon, even though it is tempting in small games.
    750-1500 you should take a Lord, reasonably tooled up, but not too powerful to make your game uninteresting. This applies less as you reach the upper region of this category. Will almost always come with a daemon weapon and loads of daemonic gifts to make him absolutely rule in combat.
    Anything over 1500 go for a daemon prince. Kick ass, rock hard character, fully loaded with daemonic gifts where point limits are less of a problem in a small game. Just bear in mind there'll be a lot more in big games to shoot at him.

    These are just general guidelines that LO members have generally suggested over the posts I've read. They should be taken lightly, and all depend on your personal style of play. As Justinb67 said, 10% per HQ slot is about right.

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