Does anyone remember the old Realms of Chaos: Slaves to Darkness & The Lost and the Damned books and how they contained rules for playing a warband of chaos from creation through to triumph (Daemonhood) or defeat (death or Spawndom)? I was thinking that it might be possible to use the rules from Necromunda, with a bit of help from the Lost and the Damned warband rules and some help from the StD and TLaTD, to create a more 'accurate' depiction of a Chaos Warband in 40K.

Does anyone think this is a good idea, and if so can you provide input? If no-one's interested then I'll delete this topic.

*Before anyone asks, I know about the free Download Lost and the Damned, which uses the Path to Glory rules, but it 's just too close to Path to Glory (your warband can get Chaos Trolls/Ogres and Chaos Sorcerers use the Warhammer Spells instead of getting psychic powers) with guns for my taste.