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    A couple of chaos questions....

    A couple of random questions here,

    1. could you make me a 500pnt chaos marine (undivided or khorne) army and if so post it below

    2.can imperial gaurd use tanks as troops because if so this person is using a command leman russ another leman russ and a hellhound and it would be hard to kill.... i had a match today and my lascannons did NOTIHNG!

    3.Should i use this this army list its rubbish

    1 chaos lord with terminator armour and lighting claws
    2 sqauds of 5 chaos khorne beserkers one of them has a power fist
    1 defielr with indirect chaos battle cannon and direct fire

    4.did you know that at 12.00 midday or after in liverpool your allowed to shoot a welshmen with a bow and arrow and get away with it? funny thing if wales is 30 miles away!

    5 with banner of plague are you allowed to hit the whiole sqaud or just one person in it?

    choatic fury

    ps ii went to salute

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