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    LatD mutants question.

    which mutation is the best?

    Do the tzeentch blessing (leaping, etc) really suck? I know its expensive but they move as cavalry.... :confused:

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    Bloated is far and away the best upgrade Mutants can get. It's middle of the road as far as the costs of the upgrade go, but it is so effective. The best thing about it is that bolters don't deny you a 4+ armour save. It's seriously difficult to kill 30 mutants with a descent save. And you can upgrade them to Plague Zombies for free if you find you keep failing leadership tests in previous games. Though I generally find Plague Zombies are too slow, and they can't take a boss with a powerfist.

    Burly is pretty much a waste of point. If you take Bloated you will be rolling so many more dice by the time you get into CC. And rolling a few dozen more dice is better than a +1 to wound bonus. And for all those T 7 things that you come across, Bloated mutants can just use a powerfist.

    Horrifying is kind of meh. It's cheap, but it doesn't really do that much. Either you'll butcher your enemy with huge dice rolls or you'll hardly dent them if too few mutants get in, so there's no point to the -1 Ld. If you take Bloated you'll have a better chance of outnumbering the enemy, so it's just as good as -1 Ld.

    Leaping is twice as expensive as Bloated, but I must admit I have never tried it, and I am unsure what the results would be like. If you're lucky with it you'll get into CC on turn 2, which is pretty good. Bloated mutants can expect turn 3. My thoughts would be that when they get into combat they will just not be worth the 12 points each that they cost. That's almost as much as a space marine, when they're really just guardsmen with an extra attack.

    If you do want to go for the Tzeentchean upgrade, I'd go with Floating. It'll give you so much more interesting modding choices.

    PS: I'm thinking of getting rid of my LatD army, and will be selling off all my bloated mutants. If anyone is interested just PM me. It'll be a Basilisk, Leman Russ, 80 mutants, 10 big mutants, 15 traitors, 3 lascannon squads (6 traitors).
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